ez power pack

  1. L Edge

    Using A EZ Pack to attempt to get my "Flying Wing" airborne

    After watching the video of the Squirrel, got to thinking about Could my designed "Flying Wing" work with the EZ system so it could be used in a dome or outside? Goal: Having the EZ power pack V1 and Adams Readi-board, can I design my Flying Wing using the stabilizer and achieve slow flight...
  2. FoamyDM

    FPV for your EZ Pack Planes

    This Video show everyone how to add FPV to your Micro EZ pack powered planes.
  3. FoamyDM

    Solved EZ Pack v2 protocol - Can it bind to Radiomaster?

    I have recently purchased a few EZ v2 Packs to build and fly a bunch of Planes and try more designs I have rolling in my head. What i need help with is: Does anyone know if the 1 of the Radiomaster protocols can bind with the Rx of the V2 EZ pack boards.
  4. AgentC

    Plane EZ Pint Jet A.1

    An EZ sized version of the FT Pun Jet, obviously a much simpler design! At roughly 40g, this will take both v1 and v2 power packs.
  5. AgentC

    EZ Pack v2

    I'm going to start this post by stating the following: THE EZ PACK V2 IS ABSOLUTELY INSANE! I made the EZ Hornet as I absolutely love that little plane. It's the best chuck glider (doesn't need any added noseweight to balance and flies awesomely upside down too) and converts perfectly with the...
  6. G

    FPV on STEM Planes / Power Pack

    In one episode / video, Josh attached an FPV camera to one of the STEM planes. 1) I can't find that episode, can anybody help? I remember it because he commented on how much the flight time was reduced by adding it. 2) How did he do that? I thought the video was a little vague on what camera and...
  7. AgentC

    Plane EZ Sparrow 1.1

    Based on the FT Sparrow, but designed for the EZ series: Above GIF: My twin flying for the first time Notes: Plans are Tiled 8.5x11", print them at 100% as per the ususal FT style. PROP NOTE: This plane has the props facing forward, so swap the props and reverse them (ie. put the left...
  8. dylandrego

    Widgeon Chuck Glider

    Latest creation… anyone else wanna see a Widgeon Chuck Glider fly on an EZ power pack? Plans below
  9. FoamyDM

    Plane EZ Walk Behind DTFB Glider 1.0

    When Looking up some walk behind gliders. I saw some interesting indoor planes. After reviewing some plans and I had an EZ power pack from Flite Fest and wondered if it would work? you can just free hand sketch one side if you need to an mirror it for the other half, but keep the folding...
  10. FoamyDM

    Plane EZ Viking S3b by FoamyDM 1.1

    FoamyDM's EZ-Viking S3b Yard flyer While building a MS large park size build of this model, I wanted to see if I make a quicker version of this Labor of love, to check CG and have some fun. (glide test model) (see below on the progress shot of the bigger version) The EZ-Viking S3b weighs 40g...
  11. GrizWiz

    Skin EZ Raptor Skins V1

    EZ 3 channel Pack powered F-22 Raptor. Designed for 3 channel EZ Power Pack, but 2 channel pack will work too. Plans: Here Peel paper from the foam and use spray adhesive to secure the skin. Coming Soon: Build thread
  12. AgentC

    Plane EZ Bronco 1.5

    OV-10 Bronco! This works with both the 2-channel and the 3-channel power packs. The turning radius and flight response is much tighter with the 3-channel, naturally. Wingspan:14" Foam Board Weight: Approx. 20g Total weight with 3-channel parts: Approx. 50g Original Maiden: Version 1.5 Full...