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EZ Viking S3b by FoamyDM

Plane EZ Viking S3b by FoamyDM 1.1

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Build Plan (PDF, AI, etc.)
FoamyDM's EZ-Viking S3b Yard flyer

While building a MS large park size build of this model, I wanted to see if I make a quicker version of this Labor of love, to check CG and have some fun.
(glide test model)
1616529307701.png 358254_ca3b73492d3c2ca8e3ea0e21c9fd1f98.png
(see below on the progress shot of the bigger version)
The EZ-Viking S3b weighs 40g.

It flies fairly well on a light breeze:


More info
More information is available on the original thread.

Next level?
I haven't found a way for the EZ-MS Viking to work yet, (too heavy I think) it may be worth aother go again. Let me know if you would like to put more effort at getting the MS-EZ model to success. The little model is what the prototype

Questions and feedback
if you have any questions about the build or feedback to help others join the fun, leave a note in the discussion section.
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