EZ Walk Behind DTFB Glider

Plane EZ Walk Behind DTFB Glider 1.0

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When Looking up some walk behind gliders. I saw some interesting indoor planes.
After reviewing some plans and I had an EZ power pack from Flite Fest and wondered if it would work?
you can just free hand sketch one side if you need to an mirror it for the other half, but keep the folding proportions and angles.

In about 20 mins. I had it constructed:
Construction Note:
After creasing using the BBQ to open up the crease, I used the tip side to open up the shallow (10deg Bends). After they cooled completely I removed the paper from both sides, behind the CG.
When Complete, this weighs 76g, with a 450mAh 1S battery, 30g heavier that the original. I feel that 8g is the battery and about 10g is the glue. The original used a EPP safe foam adhesive like foam tac. The foam tac doesn't weigh as much after it dries as hot glue.

Glide test:

Maiden Flight:
The next day I fitted out my EZ Pack in and did this:

This plan is simple to print and drop on your DTFB and just start cutting!
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