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Can I fix my motor?


Junior Member
Attached i have two pictures of my damaged motor. It was damaged in a crash where my quadcopter lost power for some reason whilst hovering at about 40m up. Landed on concrete and all the other motors have some scratches but still work.

However this one seems to be jammed or something. As you can see in the pictures, some of the magnets on the inside of the motor seem to be pretty tight against the green metal that's touching the wire coils. As I force spin the motor these magnets seem to be grinding against the metal, and some of the magnets are not touching the metal at all, which leads me to believe they're not supposed to be touching it at all and this is the cause of the motor not spinning. When powered up the motors attempts to spin but can't.

image (2).jpg image (4).jpg
In the top opening you can see the coils and magnets im talking about

Has this happened to anyone else / does anyone have any advice?
Can I fix it or will I just buy a new one ..

Thanks for your time


Rogue Drone Pilot
More than likely either the bell is deformed or the motor shaft was hit hard enough to jam the bearings. If the bell is bent you might be able to bend it back enough to run it but I wouldn't trust it with an expensive multi-rotor. If the bearings are jammed you can disassemble the motor and try to reseat them back into place. You can get replacement bearings for a lot of motors but like RAM said.. if it is a relatively inexpensive motor getting a replacement is probably your best bet.


Junior Member
It's only about 15 euro for this motor, the multistar 2213 935 kv , so I'll probably get a replacement and take my broken one apart to try fix it as a little project .. thanks for the help guys