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Walkera Runner 250 Problems

I recently bought this racing Quadcopter that was called the Walkera Runner 250. It flew well until I crashed it. It was about 35 feet up and then I dropped all throttle and could not correct it after adding more. It crashed on one side but nothing was apparently broken. Then when I tried to fly again one motor was not turning. There was no noise or anything coming from the motor to signal if it was trying to turn. When I plug in the battery to the quad then all the motors spin in one revolution (this is normal startup). I took the quad to my local hobby shop and they said they could replace all the motors and esc for $500. I got the quad for $300 so it would be worth it to get a new quad instead of paying all that to fix it. Does anyone out there know something that I could do to fix this problem. I would like to fly soon again. My location is Sacramento area in California. If anyone knows of any hobby shops in the area that would be helpful to me please let me know.


Church Meal Expert
If it were me....

I try some basic debugging techniques.
Something is broken and you need to figure out what it is.

Eliminate interactions
Determine what is working
Identify the guilty...

  • Start with your motors. Connect them one at a time to a battery and servo tester.
    (you'll need a working ESC)​
  • If they all work, Test each of the ESCs
  • Test the receiver to ensure all channels are working
  • Test the flight Controller to ensure it's responding to the Receiver
  • Check all of the Controller - Receiver connections and Controller - ESC connections
Test each component with a working setup (I know it's not always possible).
Test each part to figure out where the failure is.
You will learn a lot in this process. Enough to build your own next time!

Best regards,


Gravity Tester
Wow $500 to replace all the motors and ESC. Definitely do not accept that offer. That's unfortunate they just jump to selling you all new parts instead of helping you find the issue with one motor. Hopefully you have got it working now.
Runner 250 Motor Issue

I'm having the same exact problem I think my motor gave out during flight because I was just hovering the quad right in front of me in stabilize mode and all of a sudden it started to drift then inverted and crashed of course but only about 15ft off the ground.
When I tried it the right rear motor was no longer spinning along with the right tail light not coming on.

I tested the motor and esc on the opposite arm and both works fine so thats not the problem. I really don't know where to go from here thats all I really know how to troubleshoot.
If you figure out something before me please post ready to have it back in the air aside from this problem its the funnest quad ive ever owned.
Does anyone know of a good trustworthy hobby shop in the northern Sacramento area? I only know of one and they mainly support ground vehicles. Any feedback would be helpful.
Final Trouble Shooting

Street Runner 23. What I did was I took some wire and hooked up the opposite esc to the other motor and unplugged the other one. I found out that It was a bad ESC from this testing. I ordered a new one off of ebay. They say that this quad cannot do ariel video except for fpv. It works fine. I was having a blast with it and then crashed. Hope that yours is working fine now.
I have flown a few Quadcopters before my Walkera. I have wanted to ask a question about how it flies. It drifts and does not automatically stop when I start moving in one direction. Do only certain quads have this stopping technique? Any response will be helpful. (It does a nice steady cam though.)


Gravity Tester
What models have you flown before? Sounds like you are flying in acro mode now which most everyone uses for FPV miniquads. Whatever angle you leave the quad in it wills stay that way. Maybe before you were used to something with position hold that would hold whatever position in space you left it at.
I have not flown fpv yet. I have only flown small mini quads. I have fallen in love with the aspects of fpv. I just need the setup to fly. I am not fully electronically minded. I got to fly a DJI inspire and it would not drift. thats all my experience. Glad to know my quad does not have any problems.
So My new ESC came and I installed it. It did not work. I then test the esc in a different way and find out that it was not an ESC problem. So I did more testing and that then leads me to the PCB. So last night around 11:00 pm I ordered a new PCB. Hopefully it will come by the end of the week because I need it for the weekend. The good news is that I am learning good troubleshooting techniques. I hope that this will be the last of my problems.
Had the same experience. The issues fond was that the esc are not actually tight in their sockets. Turned out that the soldered tubes have an excess amount within the tubes not allowing the screws to firmly contact the fiber deck. So I unscrewed the boards, cleared the solder from the inside of the threads, reset the birds and reconnected and the issue has not returned