Revive and Finnish Unknown Plane

Okay, so a few years back I got an old, old, old... very old for a plane that's never been finnished... 20+ year old plane from a friend of mine who was building it with his daughter but never finished. So for now I'll post pictures of it atm, but I hope to work on it for the weekend to beat all the rain and continue through the weeks after school when I can. The plane is accualy a Franken plane, the wing is from a kit for a trainer that he gave me, but he made a warbird mashup type body and added alerons to the wings, the body as you'll see in the pics is broken, that was "hangar" (older brother dropped it) rash. So enough type, let the pics commence! (Will add pictures in the morning having difficulty with phone)
Okay now Ive got the pics working, so here they are.
20160811_211506.jpg 20160811_212738.jpg

The Wing is 58" and as you can see is not fully wrapped i plan on taking off the old stuff and rewrapping it, and there are a few ribs already that i see need repairs.
Also on the body i plan on replacing the side panels cause the damage and re-wrapping the whole thing.
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So i was looking through the stuff that he gave me and found the build manual for the plane he got the wings from, its an old Stick 40 Plus by Balsa USA, the manual was printed in 1990, and it would seem i have everything from the kit except the plans.
So in doing some research on the kit i found that the body of the plane may be from a different kit from the same maker but which one ime not sure, there are simularaties in a few of them but the must simular one i find is the ThunderBug 40.
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Thanks. Not really sure what my power system will be, im thinking gas cause i have a 25-28cc weedeater engine ive been fixing up for use on a plane and i dont have the money right now to get another electric motor or esc, plus id need to get bigger batteries than what ive got.
Yeah... i can see this going amazing... or horribly, horribly wrong...
its only sitting in the nose area, I'd have to carve out a bit of the block underneath to fit it "Properly"
i might just end up having it as a wall ornament after its finished then if I get the stuff add an electric engine later, I have plans for a old Sterling Fledgling that my grandpa gave me that i could use this gas engine in
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Okay got the panels on the front part taken off and most of the Covering removed on the body, now I have the panels on the front part cut and are drying now.
Panels attached and glue is drying, will probly combine the two halves tomorrow, assuming I have time, Dad might need me to help take the walls out of a house
Test fitting the parts.
Should have it put together by tonight, building will halt Sunday then I'll work on the wings Monday i hope.
Question: Should I wrap the body again OR glass and paint it? I only have so much wrap and i would rather save it for the wings and if I have leftover I might wrap the body, but im considering glassing the body for strenght.
most of the wrap I got off by overheating it with a heat gun, some of the paint underneath stayed but I won't worry too much, I'm most likely gonna use the same color scheme as before so it won't show through badly
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BACK for a little while with news!
First of all, I did more work on the plane but forgot to post pictures of it when I did.
Secondly, I will NOT, unfortunately, be able to work on it more for a little while.
Thirdly, I am currently working on a dedicated RC workspace in my shed.
Fourthly... well that's pretty much it... Anyways I will now upload the pictures (3) that i do have.


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The engine you have will not work for that plane. I'm assuming you have mistaken a 20 sized gas for a 20 sized glow engine. I'd look into a 20 sized electric setup if you plan to fly it.
I understand it won't work, way too large. I'm not sure what you mean by mistaken, I took the old thing off a weedeater lol, but thanks for the advice!


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I understand it won't work, way too large. I'm not sure what you mean by mistaken, I took the old thing off a weedeater lol, but thanks for the advice!

What I meant was that I thought you had read in the manual that the plane requires a .20 sized engine, and that a 20 sized gas and a 20 sized glow are two different things. I assumed that maybe you were a new builder and that's a mistake someone new to building could make. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
Okay lol, but you are correct, I am new to balsa building. also, i don't actually have the plans for this plane... well I do but I don't, the plane is actually a Franken plane given to me so I have the plans for the plane that the wing came from but I don't to the body.
Okie dokie! So I finally got back on this project and made some pretty good progress, the wing is finished but I need a way to mount it (probably gonna use some nylon bolts), I also need to add on the control surfaces to the tail section and get a motor and esc (decided to go electric) for it. I have some pictures of the current progress so I suppose I will share them with you :p

Okay so now I'm working on some parts for this plane. My brother recently got a small 3d printer and so im working on designing small parts for this, such as, control horns, hinges, wheels (already finished smaller ones that i have on my FT mig), and steerable tailwheel mount. I will upload the files for each part once I know they work well.