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  1. D

    Looking for a suitable receiver...

    I just bought a Eachine Tyro 89 and I already have a Spektrum Dxe. I'm looking for a cheaper (~15-20$) rx that'll work with both...
  2. T

    looking for FPV pilots around annville PA

    Hi everybody, i just moved to annville PA, and I'm looking for some places to fly some freestyle fpv with my drone within 50 miles of here. If there is anybody in this area and knows of some good bandos/ open fields, etc.. then I'd love to meetup and fly together.
  3. Flyingshark

    Help! FPV Camera/VTX for FatShark Teleporter V4?

    I have a FatShark Teleporter V4 FPV headset from a Nano QX. I'm hoping to put an FPV system on a plane, and I'd like to use the headset I have with a new camera setup. I don't think it's possible to remove the AIO camera from the quad, so I'm hoping you guys might be able to help with finding a...
  4. Ranger_107

    Drone Gerbil Whoop 40mm Cinewhoop. .5

    This is a 40mm cinewhoop. it runs off tiny whoop sized motors with 8.5mm mounting holes and a 16x16 FC. It's a pusher, so you print it upside down. there is three parts- the spacers, the top plate, and the main frame. you need to print four spacers. otherwise, i would print it in 50+ infill and...
  5. S

    Help! DJI FPV, crashed, now my videos playback at fast speed.

    Was flying my fpv drone, with the DJI HD FPV system. Had a nasty crash. To my surprise, nothing broke, atleast visibly. I can still fly, and the video is nice and smooth. However, when I playback any footage, it's superspeed. I can look at the videos, and see that the recording before the crash...
  6. 2jujube7

    FPV resolution/mega crash

    Hi guys. I'm kinda a newbie to fpv, and I just got my second camera yesterday and did my first flights with it on. The camera is 1200TVL, but the resolution that I'm recording and watching from my ground station is 640x480. I'm kinda confused, do I need a DVR in the plane to get the good...
  7. Nathaniel Stuart

    FlySight Falcon FG02 for sale

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/124335943508 In excellent condition with some extras thrown in.
  8. 2jujube7

    FPV reccomendations

    I currently have a cheap $20 all in one camera that I've been using on all of my planes (pretty much all scratchbuilt ft planes) The camera that I have now is 600TLV, and I really enjoy flying with it. However, the range isn't so good, as well as the quality. I spent an hour or so looking for...
  9. 2jujube7

    Cheap FPV camera/TX reccomendations

    I currently have a cheap $20 all in one camera that I've been using on all of my planes (pretty much all scratchbuilt ft planes) The camera that I have now is 600TLV, and I really enjoy flying with it. However, the range isn't so good, as well as the quality. I spent an hour or so looking for...
  10. Cpl Goertz

    Goggle advice

    Hi everyone. I ordered a betafpv starter kit 2 which comes with box goggles. I was wondering if it would be worth upgrading to some Fatshark attitude V5's right off the bat or upgrading later. Any help would be fabulous. Thanks Cpl. Goertz
  11. T

    Trying to control a servo on a remapped TX pad.

    I've been flying my fpv quad for the past few months and want to add a servo to the build. I saw another thread saying you could use a tx pad to send a signal to a servo so I've been trying to do that. I've remapped it in the CLI to be a servo, I've checked "SERVO_TILT " in the config tab, and...
  12. CobyG

    Help! New To Fpv - Need Help

    Hi, I am new to fpv flying and need some help. My fpv feed is really clear when my drone is about 2 ft away from my goggles, but if I get any farther away the feed cuts out. I have watched videos of people flying with linear antennas, and they seem to get video feed that is a lot better than...
  13. Spr0ck3t

    Plane Phat Slug 1.1

    This is a Radio-Controlled foamboard-based A-Tail plane with a 2m wingspan made out of 6mm foamboard (the one used as floor insulation in Europe). Follow the instructions. The build process is very similar to Flite Test planes. The included motor mount files are for A2212 motors. You can very...
  14. Spr0ck3t

    The Phat Slug - Twin Engined A-Tail R/C Plane with complete plans and detailed instructions!

    Hey folks! As I have promised a while ago, when I made a video (linked below) with the Phat Slug, here are the complete plans and detailed (almost 30 pages!) instructions: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4544911 Even if you are not interested in the ugly plane itself, I strongly recommend...
  15. Tabdy

    Eachine TX01S Programming??

    I want to mount a TX01S on my V-22 Osprey. Annoyingly, in this instance, the wires leave the circuit board at the top. Is there a way of programming the camera so the picture is turned 180 degrees, allowing me to mount the camera with the wires at the bottom. I hope this makes sense.
  16. cloudseeder

    Help! Too heavy. What are my options?

    Too heavy. What are my options? I’ve been using the UMX Ultrix as an fpv platform for proximity flying (racing around obstacles etc.). stock version flying weight is about 65 grams. Ultrix can fly decently with 5 grams extra weight. But with the 10 grams I now need, it’s not something worth...
  17. fliteadmin

    Part FPV Pod for the FliteTest Grumman G-44 Widgeon 1.0

    Take your Flite Test Widgeon flying experience to the next level with this 3D printed FPV pod. Its design allows for airflow to cool the camera and video transmitter during flight while preventing water splashes from damaging the equipment during takeoffs and landings on the water. Print the...
  18. K

    Help! TinyHawk Freestyle II FRSky to DSMX?

    I'm interested in getting a mini quad to learn how to fly FPV, but I want to skip the tiny whoop step and get into flying freestyle. The Emax TinyHawk Freestyle sounds like a great platform, and is very cost effective. However, it runs on a FRSky receiver integrated into the FC/PDB and I have a...
  19. F

    Help! No signal on fpv goggles

    I'm using a tx200u rx and ev800d goggles. New to the hobby so I'm still trying to figure everything out. At first I was having the issue of not being able to connect my vtx and goggles to the same channel. I would scan and get video but when I tried to set to the exact frequency i would get...
  20. FPVAirCombat

    FPV from EDF Jet

    Friends in our club field has been nudging me toward flying EDF jets. I gave in. With the faster speeds, latency becomes an issue- 0.4 seconds can be the difference Between hitting the ground on landing or not. So I had to upgrade from RE to new DJI FPV system. So I put it on an old jet and...