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  1. L

    Problems with FPV Video Signal Cutting out, and w/ TBS Unify Pro Higher Power Levels

    Hello everyone, I finally finished building my first FPV quad. It is a 3S MHQ2 (3D Printed). I built it as a starter quad so I learn the ins and outs, and then can move on to a better quad. Everything is working smoothly, except for one thing: the FPV system. I am using a Runcam Eagle, TBS...
  2. R

    Flying at the most epic spot ever | VLOG 6 | FPV freestyle

    Last week we went to this amazing spot! This is by far my most favorite spot ever!
  3. C

    Foxeer Monster V2 OSD voltage not working

    I have a Foxeer Monster V2 and it works great, but now I would like to set up the voltage meter to display on the OSD. It came with an input labeled "VSEN" and the wire attached was just a bare wire at the end. I read somewhere that if I was using the 12v pad to power my camera (which I am) I...
  4. C

    best FPV setup on budget for a FT gremlin?

    I have been watching flite test for about four years now and i have always been more into their content on planes. Recently I have started wanting to build a FPV quad copter, and what better quad to start with than the gremlin. Being new to quads I am also new to FPV and I always thought that...
  5. R

    Testing the new Aikon AK32 35a BLheli32 esc's FPV freestyle VLOG 5

    Last week I got the new esc's from Aikon Electronics! The AK32 35A 6s blheli32 esc's!!! In this video I'm testing them out! My setup: Custom made 210 frame Aikon Electronics AK32 35A esc's Cobra Champions 2205 2300kv motors DYS F4 flightcontroller running BF3.2 GEPRC 5*4*3 props TBS unify vtx...
  6. G

    Flying through a hole in a cliff in Dorset UK - Beautiful

    One of the guys on the Herts FPV facebook group decided to go to the seaside and film this lovely sequence - enjoy - > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtM9lkSEWLc
  7. E

    Fatshark Dominator HD3 vs V3 Help me decide.

    Hello All, First post here. I currently use the fatshark teleporter v4 goggles for all things FPV. I am looking to upgrade to either the Dominator V3 or HD3. I have concerns about the HD3's and the reported issues of blurry edges. I have read fixes like adding the -2 diopters. I heard...
  8. R

    FPV freestyle VLOG #4

    Last sunday I went to this local park. I haven't been here for months, but man this park is fun to fly. Beautiful weather and a empty park. What else could I wish on a sunday evening. At the end my friend David showed up. I sure knows how to make an entrance LOL
  9. R

    Testing Betaflight 3.2 | Dynamic notch | VLOG #3

    The first release candidate of Betaflight 3.2 has been released just over 2 weeks ago. After hearing so many good things about it, I decided to test it out myself!
  10. R

    Sunset smoothness FPV freestyle

    Love this spot during sunset!
  11. C

    Needing help with FPV on first quad

    I have a Foxeer Monster v2 and a Eachine ATX03 transmitter. I can't figure out how to power the transmitter or how to connect the transmitter to the camera. It looks like a connector on the camera might go onto the flight controller but I don't want to break anything. I'll attach pictures and if...
  12. R

    Day in the field FPV freestyle

    I went to a big field for a change instead of a big forest!
  13. R

    The endless search | FPV freestyle | VLOG 2

    Since I'm flying mini quads I went to so many beautiful places. This hobby really motivates me to search and visit places that you normally won't visit. I'm always looking for new spots to fly... My setup: Custom 210 frame Cobra Champions 2205 2300kv motors Aikon Electronics V3.1 30amp esc's...
  14. J

    New FPV/Multi-rotor youtube channel

    I started uploading allot of my FPV footage from flying around to testing out parts i buy off amazon, i have a goal of featuring pilots all over the US and mash ups with everyone i can, I'd appreciate If you check it out and give me feedback or maybe even drop a sub, thanks. channel name...
  15. R

    This is FPV freestyle

    Yesterday when it finally stopped raining I decided to fly some packs! My setup: Custom made 210 frame DYS F4 flightcontroller running BF3.1.7 Aikon Electronics V3.1 esc's Cobra Champions 2205 2300kv 5*4*3 props TBS unify HV video transmitter HS1177 fpv camera
  16. R

    First VLOG! FPV freestyle

    Perfect summer days | FPV freestyle | VLOG #1 - This is the first VLOG I'v ever made. The last couple of weeks I was experimenting with this. But I think I will make more of these video's in the future. If you want to see more video's of me vlogging, let me know in the comments. Last week I...
  17. J

    Help - RSSI on OSD

    Title pretty much explains it, I'm looking for a simple way to get the RSSI signal from FrSky receivers onto my video signal. I've done it on one of my miniquads using the Betaflight F3 board and its built in OSD, but I'm looking for something to use on flying wings and quads with cheap fc's...
  18. pinpoint45

    help Aomway 1200tvl ccd shows only black.

    hey so i just finished installing a new aomway 1200tvl ccd on my quad today, it's supposed to run on 4.5-5 volts and i had it hooked up to my eachine 200mw transmitter which outputs said voltage. the video connects and i just get black, i checked my soldering using the original camera and the...