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    FPV log: 2 FPV freestyle

    Back at my favorite local spot!
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    FPV log 1 || FPV freestyle

    I fly pretty much every day if the weather is fine, but I don't always upload a video ! For this month I'm gonna upload a short video after a day of flying! So that means a lot of short video's this month! I will keep the video's very raw! Only basic editing and just the motor noice.
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    Reverse flow FPV freestyle

    Finally the weather clears up here in the Netherlands! I've learned some new tricks too:P
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    found a new spot! FPV freestyle

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    Rippin' the local spot FPV freestyle

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    Back in the forest again.. FPV freestyle

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    Testing the new Aikon Electronics 4 in 1 esc! FPV freestyle

    Aikon Electronics send me the new 4 in 1 esc/pdb. It has an 5v and 12v power regulator and is capable of running Dshot600!
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    Trick tutorial: Yawflips

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    Diving that building....

    For a long time I was watching this building and thought, one day... Last weekend we went there and flew...
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    Winter wonderland FPV freestyle

    It was cold...
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    Winter flow FPV freestyle

    Winter edit!
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    Forest dreams FPV freestyle

    I finally went back to the forest!
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    Went back to the forest again

    last week i went back to the forest!
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    Beautiful forest FPV freestyle

    Last weekend we went back to the forest...
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    Exploring nature FPV freestyle

    We went back to this beautiful place!
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    Tree dancing FPV freestyle!

    The weather finally cleared up here in the Netherlands!
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    Sunset for the Ages

    Hope you guys enjoy this, this is my favorite spot right now
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    Rippin' the park FPV freestyle

    A dark and cold day...
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    Autumn Sun FPV freestyle

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    Autumn sun FPV freestyle!!