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    Forest flow smoothness FPV freestyle

    Last weekend we went back to this amazing place in the middle of the forest!
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    How to fly smooth FPV freestyle VLOG

    I am getting a lot of questions related to smooth flying! So I made a short video on this topic.
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    How to start with FPV flying | FPV freestyle | VLOG

    Just my thoughts on this subject!
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    This is how we find epic spots FPV freestyle VLOG

    Once again we went searching for new spots! This time we found 4 epic new spots in the middle of a forest! I made a short VLOG of the day!!
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    Sticks cam FPV freestyle flying

    I went back to this amazing freestyle spot! I haven't done a sticks cam video in a while, so here is a new one :) My setup: Custom made 210 frame Aikon Electronics AK32 esc's Cobra CP2205 2300kv motors DYS F4 flightcontroller running BF3.2 GEPRC 5*4*3 props TBS unify hv vtx HS1177 fpv camera
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    Flying on a LED racetrack FPV racing

    Couple of weeks back I flew on this amazing LED racetrack! This is the first time that I flew on a track like this. Im not really a race pilot but this was pretty fun!
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    Trick tutorial 3 | combination flips | FPV freestyle

    Made another freestyle tricktutorial! hope it will help some people!
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    Forest smoothness FPV freestyle

    Last week I went back to my favorite forest!
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    FPV freestyle VLOG

    See the description on youtube if you only want to see the FPV part :) The vlog speaks for itself :D video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1C-zuwDR3c
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    My freestyle setup | VLOG 8

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    Flying at the most epic spot ever | VLOG 6 | FPV freestyle

    Last week we went to this amazing spot! This is by far my most favorite spot ever!
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    Testing the new Aikon AK32 35a BLheli32 esc's FPV freestyle VLOG 5

    Last week I got the new esc's from Aikon Electronics! The AK32 35A 6s blheli32 esc's!!! In this video I'm testing them out! My setup: Custom made 210 frame Aikon Electronics AK32 35A esc's Cobra Champions 2205 2300kv motors DYS F4 flightcontroller running BF3.2 GEPRC 5*4*3 props TBS unify vtx...
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    FPV freestyle VLOG #4

    Last sunday I went to this local park. I haven't been here for months, but man this park is fun to fly. Beautiful weather and a empty park. What else could I wish on a sunday evening. At the end my friend David showed up. I sure knows how to make an entrance LOL
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    Testing Betaflight 3.2 | Dynamic notch | VLOG #3

    The first release candidate of Betaflight 3.2 has been released just over 2 weeks ago. After hearing so many good things about it, I decided to test it out myself!
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    Sunset smoothness FPV freestyle

    Love this spot during sunset!
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    Day in the field FPV freestyle

    I went to a big field for a change instead of a big forest!
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    The endless search | FPV freestyle | VLOG 2

    Since I'm flying mini quads I went to so many beautiful places. This hobby really motivates me to search and visit places that you normally won't visit. I'm always looking for new spots to fly... My setup: Custom 210 frame Cobra Champions 2205 2300kv motors Aikon Electronics V3.1 30amp esc's...
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    New FPV/Multi-rotor youtube channel

    I started uploading allot of my FPV footage from flying around to testing out parts i buy off amazon, i have a goal of featuring pilots all over the US and mash ups with everyone i can, I'd appreciate If you check it out and give me feedback or maybe even drop a sub, thanks. channel name...