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  1. R

    Lumbermill FPV freestyle

    Yesterday we went to a lumbermill and flew there! This was a really fun spot to fly.
  2. R

    Sunset dreaming FPV freestyle

    Got a new video for you guys
  3. R

    Practise day in the forest

    Practise day!
  4. R

    Forest flow FPV freestyle

    Last week we went to the forest!
  5. I

    Freestyle "Sunset Park"

    I highly encourage you to watch all of it, this is after a busy day of college, hope you enjoy
  6. R

    90 seconds of gate fun FPV freestyle

    Yesterday we put up some gates and went flying
  7. R

    Purple grass part 2 FPV freestyle

    Yesterday i went back to my favorite flying spot!
  8. P

    Labor day weekend flying .

    https://vimeo.com/181420500 I have several but this is probably the best one.
  9. I

    Freestyle "Courtyard Wave"

    This is some fun I had one morning, hope you enjoy sub if you want, I post every Thursday
  10. 1

    Speed Addict 210-R FPV Racing Frame flight.

    Here is a raw flight that I had with the Speed Addict 210-R FPV Racing Frame. Hope you enjoy https://youtu.be/2L7xc9my9-c
  11. jaskoller

    250 Racer (or any multi rotor) ARM Question and a little about spin up!

    Question for you professors of quad fun! What are you setting on your transmitters to arm your FC board? Some people are using sticks in certain areas (like lower left etc). Some people are using a switch. What do you do? And, if you would be so kind as to tell me why you chose what you...
  12. R

    Just starting FPV quadcopter freestyle, first real video!

    I'm just getting started with making videos of this type, any feedback would be appreciated!