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  1. A-22


    This was version four of the FT-22 on steroids. It was a mash up of the Raptor and the STEM Alpha. I will say it was fast
  2. DarkRainbow2

    Help! Power Pack B motor mounting

    Hey everyone, I'm currently trying to finish up my FT-22 (my first scratch build ever) and I've encountered problems with my Power Pack B that arrived yesterday. I have the ULTRA 2812 1200kv Motor which came with the power pack, but I have no screws to mount it to the firewall with. There were...
  3. J

    Just Ordered the FT 22 - "First" "Scratch Build"

    Hi everyone, I am 25 years old and have been trying to get into RC Planes since I was a kid. I bought and assembled an RTF gas powered trainer when I was about 13, it was never actually ever flown because our flying field was pretty far away and never could get the courage to go try and fly...
  4. S

    FT-22 motor and prop help

    I built my FT-22 but I am confused on how should the prop and motor be and which way should rotate I need help . I have a pusher prop . Should the letter side of the prop faces the front or back of the plane? Should the motor rotate cw or ccw when I am looking to in from the back?
  5. HilldaFlyer

    FT-22 Supersized - 150% Bigger

    Previously published build article: Supersized FT-22 150% BIGGER The main reason for adding this to the forum is to provide fellow builders comment and add pictures and video (since the article comments don't allow). Here is a photo of the final version 1. This version has three channels...
  6. R

    FT-22 Raptor Setup, Warm motor....

    Hi all, Wondering if I can get some help here. My Raptor is setup as follows, Turnigy Park 300, 1600 kv 18 amp turnigy esc 8x6 prop 1350 mah 3s With this setup I am pretty happy BUT..... The motor is kinda hot (hot like, I can't hold it in my hands for more than 10 seconds) when landing...
  7. W

    FT-22 frame clearance issues with recommended 9x4.7 slow flyer prop

    Hi there, My son and I are doing our first ever FT builds and we decided on building the FT-22 using Depron. Our electronic parts arrived from HK Australia today, and the first thing I noticed was the size of the 9 x 4.7 slow flyer props. I fitted on the wings that I cut over the weekend and...
  8. D

    FT-22 Maiden Flight Disaster & Firewall Question

    So my son and I have been cutting our teeth on a Hobby Zone champ and after about a dozen rebuilds we were feeling incredibly confident so we decided to upgrade. Enter the FT-22: Okay, it was a little more than we bargained for! It's a bit of a rocket and I don't think my brain works fast...
  9. ViperTech

    My Son Dalton with his FT-22 Blue Bird

    My son and I went out for an evening of flying and I recorded him with his FT-22, he has only been flying for less than 6 months. There will hopefully be a second video of him with his faster version of this plane, hope you enjoy it!
  10. Desert.Rat

    Aftermath of a Newbe's first FT-22 Flight

    As Josh Bixler likes to say, we want to create father / son memories. Well we did, This is my first RC plane - flew wire plane with my dad (same result) - and wanted to do something fun with my 14 year old during spring break. We ordered all the parts, bought the speed kit, put it all...