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Hey everyone,
I'm currently trying to finish up my FT-22 (my first scratch build ever) and I've encountered problems with my Power Pack B that arrived yesterday.
I have the ULTRA 2812 1200kv Motor which came with the power pack, but I have no screws to mount it to the firewall with. There were a couple of screws in the power pack but these seem to be for control horns only as they are just slightly too small for the motor.
Is there anyone out there that has the same problem of that knows what to do here?


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that's kinda funny. if you cant find them go down to the local ace hardware, they will have replacements.

also, i think a b-pack might be a little much for this aircraft. should be running an A or F pack (1806 or 2205 motor).

good luck,

me :cool: