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ft guinea pig

  1. InShot_20190312_084731265.mp4


  2. Scooter The White Rabbit

    Help! C-130 semi-scratch build near GP specs?

    I've built the FT Guinea Pig, and a scratch Sky-Van(?) I call a "Sky-Truck". But now is the wait to paint, power packs, batteries, radio gear, etc... I normally cut my Hot Pockets just after I cook them with a large chefs knife, just because I get kinda even bites. Hey, wait, wrong forum...
  3. captron360

    FT Guinea Pig and a DX9

    My Guinea Pig has different motor speeds. Is there a way to match them with a DX9? Can you use 2 throttle curves? They both start the same at low throttle settings but as I add power one speeds up more than the other. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. M

    FT Guinea Pig - Scratch Build - maiden flight and paint job (the first in Greece?)

    Update (Sept 6): Reborn again, now with silly tricks! I LOVE THIS PLANE! Update (Aug 30): So I built essentially another Guinea Pig this time I used Depron foam which is much much lighter than the foam board we got here, and for the wings I used 3mm foam board (instead of 5mm). I used less...