I made mini version of ft guinea pig


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So yeah micro guinea pig
I just made it with simple paper nothing much and transmitter system I broke off and RC helicopter and it actually flies IMG-20230308-WA0044.jpeg


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If you're happy to skip the speedbuild kit and cut the shapes out yourself, the plans for the full size Guinea pig are free.

Then you can order the equivalent parts more locally. Non-flite test parts tend to be cheaper anyway. I can't promise they better quality but, I can confidently say that the cheapest power system bundles I've bought have done their job. Only complaints are that some of the cheap ESCs needed an external BEC added in if I wanted more than two servos.

So to match a power pack C you need:
Roughly 1100kv motors,
Some 40a ESCs - this one comes with the XT-60 plug and motor plugs already soldered on and a BEC built in.
Roughly 10x5 props - these ones are nylon, not the toughest material but it's the only counter rotating pair I could find.
I can't find an XT-60 Y-Link cable on Bangood, but with what little twin-engine experience I have, I haven't had any issues with Y-Link cables I've soldered together myself out of plug&cable bits like these.
For servos, I've mostly been using these cheap ones. They can sometimes be a little glitchy (my MiG-29's left elevon servo is a few degrees off centre when you bring it back to neutral one way, fine coming back the other way) but they have yet to bring down any of my planes.

Hopefully that gets you started with much more reasonable shipping prices. At least I hope they're cheaper. Any box I get from China is usually beaten up, so it should be! 😂


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I am new to this hobby flight test doesn't ship big one so I made a small one : )
I would make a mighty mini to start out. You can buy a flite test equivalent A pack of 4 for only $50 with ESCs!!! 1806 size brusless motors with 12 amp esc can spin a 6 inch 2 blade prop. Also mighty minis dont take too much time even when you scratch build by following the plans.