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Ft Racer powered by NTM EF1 pylon motor on 4s


Fly Eagles, Fly!
Hello! I'm new to Flite Test forums and really to the hobby in general(began flying back in February). I saw a thread a couple weeks ago asking about a good 4s setup for the ft racer and the NTM ef1 from hobby king came up. Well as it happens, about a month ago I mounted one to my own ft racer, and so I thought I would share my results.

Video is from one of my earlier flights, ill take another and get it a little lower as its kinda hard to tell exactly how fast it's traveling in the video. I'm running it on a 4s 2200 nanotech 70c, spinning a 9x7 MAS prop, 70A esc. This makes the motor only slightly warm. I tried it on 8x8 and prefer the 9x7.

To get it to fly right I made the following adjustments:
-new 4in. solid styrofoam firewall with about 10 degree right thrust angle

-replaced powered pod with a hatch

-new elevator and rudder. Elevator has 2x the control surface, rudder and elevator both reinforced with foam spars and bass wood underlying.

-wings reinforced with carbon spars and covered in 2 layers of bidirectional fiber tape.
-added working scoops to cool the esc/battery (battery doesn't need it, still kinda neat)

Overall I'm pleased with the results. I've doubled with AUW of the original ft racer, but with result is a solid feeling plane with a lot of power. Thanks Flite test for a great plane!