Strange FPV question?!?


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Hi guys and girls,

I do have a strange question. In last several episodes of Flite Test I have seen GoPro Session - presumably 5, on mini quads flown FPV by the crew. How was it done? I do consider getting a new GoPro - I have killed 3+ long time ago, but even GoPro support states that 5 and 5 Session do not have analog output. So guys - HOW did you do that? Using a digital to analog converter would introduce so much lag in the system that flying a small quad would be virtually impossible!
Please do enlighten me :D
BTW from what I have seen - (I'm not talking about digital receiver - transmitter episode) goggles and their receiver was analog :D


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Bricks is correct they almost always fly through dedicated FPV camera and not the GoPro/other HD recording cameras. The HD recording camera always has more latency, even with an analog output, that makes flying FPV difficult. Especially on the faster mini quads.


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THX very much. Now finally after reading your input, I have spotted a little lens under hero 5��