1. flyinsparky

    Settings for Maiden on my Simple Cub with Flysky FS-I6X?

    I am ready to maiden my first build, a 3-channel FT Simple Cub. I have a only a little experience, some simulator time, and a few dozen flights logged on my Night Vapor RTF (with no SAFE enabled.) I am a bit nervous for my first flight and was wondering if I could get some help for settings for...
  2. C

    A3 Pro Gyro won’t Bank left

    I’m hoping somebody has more experience than me. I’m using the A3 Pro gyro in the explorer and when I’m in auto stabilize mode I can bank left at all. I still have full rider control but I have to switch back to normal mode to bank left. When I’m in the ground ask the controls respond as they...
  3. A

    Use the gyro to control the ESCs in Betaflight

    Hi everyone, I am working on a free falling drone that could orient it self mid air using reaction wheels instead of propellers (this is my second post about it here) and I got some good advice to use a pre-made flight controller. So I just bought a Lumenier F4 AIO board with some ESCs and...
  4. C

    GYROS for planes

    Anyone have any experience with auto balancing gyros for airplanes? Can't find any good reviews for the NX3 EVO or the Hobby Eagle A3 6-axis. Wanting a gyro like the Hobby Zone safe system to use in my trainer.
  5. S

    Having trouble with Tricopter gyro

    Over the weekend I decided it would be a good idea to build a tricopter from scratch with the spare Power Pack A motors I have laying around. So far I have completed the build and all the motors work, my DIY servo mechanism works well and the servo direction is correct. The board is mounted 90...
  6. N


    Hi. I've got a Bix3, and I'm interested in finding out if I should get a gyro for stabilization. I'm still learning to use the Bix, and I might use it for FPV sometime. So what I'm wondering is, would a gyro help, and which one should I get? Thanks! Nikolai. (EDIT: typo)
  7. J

    quad twirl build

    Hi there, I am a fan of gyro's, so I loved the twin twirl episode, I was thinking why not build a quad twirl!? Has it been done before? is it possible? that's all, just a passing thought. If so I would love to see it! thanks.
  8. F

    KK2.1.5 board, Gyro problems???

    Hey guys! So my dad and I just built our first quadcopter (Electrohub quad kit with the KK2.1.5 board, generic HK 30a esc's NTM Prop Drive motors) and we took it for a test flight yesterday afternoon. When we tried to put a bit of power and started increasing throttle to the quad, it suddenly...
  9. L

    Quadcopter beginner here - need help regarding stabilization

    Hey there! I've just completed my Q450 quadcopter build with 25A SimonK Escs, SunnySky 920kv motors and a KK2.1 flight controller. When trying to obtain a hover, the thing just falls over. I think i've might found the error, but don't know which component is the faulty one. When i hold the...
  10. R

    JAS 39 Gripen Gyro stabilised, Aft heavy CG

    JAS 39 Gripen is a 4th generation jet fighter. it is made aft heavt and stabilised with gyros to make it possible to fly it. would it be possible to make an aft heavy RC plane that is stabilised in the same way? To make it so that it is "easy" to fly. but turns on a dime and makes super hig G...
  11. I

    Gyro stabilized pan/tilt camera mount?

    Not sure if this is the best topic for this question, but seems appropriate. (Mounted on a multi-rotor, a tri-copter in my case) Does anybody have any experience with a gyro stabilized pan/tilt camera system? If so, was it a pain to set up? Are you happy with the results? Can you share any...
  12. A

    HK401B Gyro - Delayed tail movement when giving rudder input

    Hi Guys I recently completed my third build of an HK 450 V2, and the Gyro of choice of course was the HK401B from HobbyKing. I am using a digital metal gear tail servo (HENGE MD933 MD922 ), but I have a huge delay on my tail movement when giving rudder input. My gyro gain is currently on 55%...
  13. Jee

    Quadcopter - after you guys told me there was a HK-Board

    Hi everybody, I have watched mates of mine fly quadcopters for quite some time. There are: - the expensive ones.. (a controlboard can cost around 600$) - the extreme selfmade ones (take apart a wii-controller and you can build a copter...) - the comes-as-a-kit ones (gaui 330 and so on) Well...
  14. Flying

    Assan ga250 avcs gyro movement problem The Gyro seems to working fine but all movement is EXTREMELY jittery. Does anyone know why this is happening. Have tried many different pulse widths and different servos but all have a similar result.