JAS 39 Gripen Gyro stabilised, Aft heavy CG


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JAS 39 Gripen is a 4th generation jet fighter. it is made aft heavt and stabilised with gyros to make it possible to fly it.

would it be possible to make an aft heavy RC plane that is stabilised in the same way?
To make it so that it is "easy" to fly. but turns on a dime and makes super hig G turns,


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You'd need to know control theory way beyond PID regulators, from what I remember (it's been 15 years since I took that course =). Of course it would be possible, but I don't think the benefits would outweigh the effort, unless the effort is the benefit itself. With RC craft there are other ways to get some of the benefits you mention by using large control surfaces, bigger throws, thrust vectoring, very light airframes, pusher models etc. Still, I don't reject the idea of more advanced regulators than the popular but somewhat primitive PID, and I believe that the computing power needed is available in at least the more advanced arduinos.

(I crashed my AS3X stabilized EDF today but I don't think any kind of controller would've saved me there...)


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ok thanks for the answer=) i just thought it would have been a cool projekt :p

oh shit. i hope you are able to repair it.


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If you build in depron there should not be any problems at all doing the trhings you say.
Normal gyros like the orange or Spektrum AS3X will make the plane Ok to fly if you are intermediate or better pilot with a more scale version.
Most 3D planes "turn on a dime". The high speed turns require a strong design.


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ok thanks. it would be realy cool to be able to use the front canards to,

i see you are from scania. do you have any idea were in sweden can i get some good foam for wings and fuselage?