Use the gyro to control the ESCs in Betaflight


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Hi everyone,

I am working on a free falling drone that could orient it self mid air using reaction wheels instead of propellers (this is my second post about it here) and I got some good advice to use a pre-made flight controller.

So I just bought a Lumenier F4 AIO board with some ESCs and motors, and I have been trying to control the PWM signal sent to the ESCs with the gyro instead of a transmitter. So my goal is to have the gyro send it's output to the PID and then control the PWM signal to the ESCs to control the motors.
I know how to do that on an arduino or raspberry pi, but I like the small form factor of the F4 board and the PID on betaflight is really nice.

So I was wondering if that was even possible to do with Betaflight, I looked for documentation, and played in the CLI but I really could not find much on the subject, so I'm asking you guys if you would have any advice to give me.

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Check out the motor mixing in the Betaflight GUI. If none of the presets will work, you can create a custom one.