1. Longtoes

    Wondering about aircraft propeller sizes

    Hi! I'm glad to finally make an account after watching Flite Test for quite a few years. Today I'd like to ask about propeller efficiency and how it correlates with aircraft range. So, from what I've gathered from data, it seems larger props unanimously produce more thrust for a given amount of...
  2. M

    Quadcopter pilot wants a CP heli.

    Hey everyone, ive been looking at some micro-to-mid size rc heli's to get and start learning about. I'm looking primarily for something cheap as i know the crash risks are very high, especially for new pilots. I personally think my girlfriends dad's trex400 pro is way too big to start on. it...
  3. Munk

    Question: RC Heli Build Plans

    Question: Helicopter Plans Hello everybody! So I've been searching around for a while now and I haven't seen much on the internet in the way of this, so I thought I'd ask my friends here at FT. Has anyone found plans for building a flybarless helicopter from scratch? This won't be my first...
  4. C

    Old 3 channel RC helicopter transmitter?

    Can I use my old 3 channel RC helicopter transmitter for a plane? Can I also somehow hook it up to my computer and use it in a RC simulator? I'm new to this and don't have a plane so please keep things simple. Thanks.
  5. flyingsquirrelRC

    This is incredible

    This is the kind of stuff that warms my heart. Someone going out of their way to help the hobby. If you excuse the incredibly poor language this is a real nice action to save their plane. Enjoy!
  6. D

    broken feathering shaft HK 250 GT. Is it common?

    Hello fellow hobby enthusiasts: This is my first post so constructive criticism will be more than welcomed. With that out of the way a bit of backstory. I've recently got into RC helis and thought that a 250 class would be a good place to start. This is because I live in a super crowded city...
  7. Phoenix Defender Group

    Change an RC plane into a Helicopter???

    Hi guys, i am trying a cool recycling, i have a rc plane a Dynam Sbach 342 and i am getting a little bored of it, i seem to like helicopters more than planes so i thought id try to make it into a rc helicopter. it will be -fixed pitch -4 channel -around 4.5 feet in length I already modified...
  8. H

    Tandem Helicopter

    I would like to see a video on the flight of a tandem rotor helicopter (like the Boeing Chinook). It would be great to understand the unique controls and concerns not to mention a recommendation on aircraft, makes and controllers. I am very new to the sport and very interested. You guys have...
  9. D

    "Camera Drone" meet up. Phantom 2 vision plus vs. GoPro + Insane RC Helicopter!

    "Camera Drone" meet up. Phantom 2 vision plus vs. GoPro + Insane RC Helicopter! Like and Comment! Thanks
  10. K

    Convert my old micro heli into a glider (sort of)

    Guys, I've been really into rc plane and just to make sure that I'm really into this hobby without spending too much money, I decided to open up my old micro heli and see what I have inside. Then I came across flitetest. Which make my interest grew into madness. They are really successful...
  11. A

    Pizza delivery drone / copter

    Fancy making pizza delivery copters? http://singularityhub.com/2013/08/13/pizza-delivery-from-the-sky-drone-delivery-networks-held-back-by-regulators/ You know the real reason why they won't do this in America, because you've got too many guns! Lots of people trying to shoot down some free...
  12. A

    The Great Nerf Challenge!

    Hi Flite Test. I challenge you to make a plane, helicopter or swappable out of a Nerf Vortex. Thanks for reading, AlphaHazza.
  13. D

    Planform Morphing Airframe Rotor Disc Control

    Spent a couple of years trying to prove this platform concept. It was intended to be a design for a manned platform, but right now ...small scale testing. One patent and a hand full of crashes to date...almost satisfied. Two separate airframes inter-connected. Some have called it weight...
  14. wadsie

    Double Horse 9098 helicopter

    these helicoper are really great i bought one not to long ago of ebay for $26.50 (postage was free) and they really fly well. i remember ages ago i bought a helicopter from k-mart for like $20 but they did not work very well and they wernt controlable, but now with is heli it hovers really well...