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Tandem Helicopter

I would like to see a video on the flight of a tandem rotor helicopter (like the Boeing Chinook). It would be great to understand the unique controls and concerns not to mention a recommendation on aircraft, makes and controllers.

I am very new to the sport and very interested. You guys have been great getting me up to speed on the majority of the hobby thus far.

Jason Hatt
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We need to figure out how to get all the helicopter fans to see this and respond...I assume thing with a larger response will have a greater chance of making an episode (or at least in the near future).

I am just starting this hobby and have always LOVE these helicopters. Want to know how hard it would be for a beginner.


Helicopter addict
Want to know how hard it would be for a beginner.
Hard. I don't consider myself a beginner when it comes to helicopters, and the controls are just... hard. For sure it needs it's own flight controller, as I would need many many mixes to make the swashplates work together.