Double Horse 9098 helicopter


these helicoper are really great i bought one not to long ago of ebay for $26.50 (postage was free) and they really fly well. i remember ages ago i bought a helicopter from k-mart for like $20 but they did not work very well and they wernt controlable, but now with is heli it hovers really well and you can controll it unlike others so if you are looking for a mini coaxel heli for under $30 i recomend this one.
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Jeffrey Saelee

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Nice--but it's only 3ch(No offence intended)....The Nine Eagles Solo Pro is a great heli--and it's 4ch fixed pitch and VERY stable!
But, I've heard good reviews about those 3ch helis....
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A $30 hk heli (solo pro type, single rotor) arrived today, a present for .my browse in law. Looks good, flight report post Christmas.

Brian fred carr

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These little helis are cool and I have had a few of them but the best was a middle sized chinook with gyros I could take off from a
buiscut tin fly around the house for a five minutes the land back on the tin....keep flying


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Nice little heli! I have started flying helis in Aerofly Professional Deluxe... hard, but cool!