1. ArcherPilot

    ESC / BEC problems with Flite Test ESC

    Hi Folks- back to the hobby after a 40 year break! I'm having troubles with the ESC supplied with the Flite Test "power pack B" (it's labled 35A / BEC 3A 5V / LIPO 2S-4S). I've got a Tattu 1300mAh 45C 3S battery. The issue is that when I connect the battery to the ESC, I get the full...
  2. J

    Help with VTX and goggles

    Hey everyone, brand new to forums and would love some help. I just finished putting together my first fpv drone and cannot seem to get any video to my goggles. I have matched the VTX channel with the channel in my goggles but all I get is static! Is there a way to know which component is causing...
  3. RainbowderpHG

    I Need Help to Make Bogie Landing Gear For Boeing 757-200 1/19 scale

    I Need Help On Making Bogie landing gear for my Plane. I Had some Ideals But problem I Can't Find a landing strut with V Type looking Spring (Picture or link of what i meant...
  4. Z

    Help! Fs-T6 not working with pc

    Hi all, Im having trouble getting my fs-t6 to connect to my pc. I bought this cable, I hook it up to my pc and in device manager it shows up as ppm, but in the "set up a usb controller" section I cant get any data to show up from my sticks. Its the same in all the sims, It just doesn't pick up...
  5. P

    FT Blunt Nose Versa motor?

    Hey, Finished building my blunt nose versa. What motor should I use? I want a motor giving me fast performance and long flight times. I am planning to use a 10x7 prop. I have checked the cg without any electronics mounted (servos doesn't count) and it's sooo tail heavy. I tried placing 2 3s...
  6. C

    Looking for Multi Rotor help! Please advise!

    Hey everyone I'm new to the Flitetest community and came looking for help in the hobby of multi rotors, more specifically a quad. I've done my own research on youtube and online but still not sure on all the parts or specs that would "WORK together". I've put together a quad similar to one I've...
  7. Vlad

    Old Speedster ESC help needed

    So I am looking to build a pair of Old Speedsters so that my grandfather (a former private pilot) and myself (only trained on combat simulators and a full scale Cessna 172) to get into the hobby. I have done a little flying with a S.E.5a from flyzone that I burned the ESC out on within a month...
  8. D

    [HELP] First QuadCopter

    Hi Guys Since 2days ago i decided to build a QuadCopter so i made a list of parts that i should buy to make it, can you guys check it if its ok or I forget something?...Can i make a quadcopter with this parts? does it all work togheter? Tips are welcome! Here is my list: Frame: Turnigy...
  9. Vlad

    Looking for room to grow

    So I am looking at spending about $100 to $150 this summer on a radio and receiver combo. I want to have at least 6 channels to work with so I can do bomb drops and stuff. Something that lets me have presets for different planes I own would be nice. Im open to anything a little over or under...
  10. Vlad

    Flying platform

    I have a project in mind and figured I would ask the largest bank of flight knowledge I have access to. I have decided that I want to build a flying war platform with FPV and bomb drops and the like. Since I partake in Nerf wars quite regularly and many of them are outside I figured that a UAV...
  11. Vlad

    Flyzone S.E.5a success and failures

    So I decided that for $70 I couldn't pass up the chance to start flying with a WWI warbird. I have flown full sized planes before and had been playing combat simulators since I was a wee tot and figured that if I could handle flying anything from a Sopwith Camel to a Spitfire, even a Corsair...
  12. H

    Glider Salvage Build-Help!!!

    From a pile of rubbish to something that will fly? Unlikely, but this is the fuselage of a RC glider I bought for £10 ($17) in the Antiques Village, Manchester, UK. It looks rough, but the wingspan is over 2m, and the fuselage is mostly intact, with control horns and pushrods installed and...
  13. H

    6mmflyrc Parkjets?

    Has anyone ever built or flew one of these kits, and are they any good, it's going to be £90 ($150) so I want to make sure they fly well, and are relatively easy to build. Thanks in advance. Andrew. \m/_