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  1. ScottyWarpNine

    My Custom Solder Station Caddy

    While this isn't exactly RC content, my soldering iron is a tool that I use very often within the hobby, and this caddy makes it much easier to transport when making trips to the field or to events.
  2. T

    Attach Wings to Cylindrical Fuselage

    Hey Guys, Im a long time reader, first time poster. If this should be posted somewhere else please let me know. On to my question: I am trying to create a semi realistic F104 Starfighter build (based on the design with small changes for ease of construction). I am having trouble finding how I...
  3. adamik17

    Designing airplanes in 3d?

    First of all, I didn't know which part of the forum I should post this in, so I'm sorry if this is the wrong thread. In the Edge 540 release video Andres said that he designed it in 3d and then exported it to 2d, because of the complex shapes that the plane had. I've never designed a plane in my...
  4. nOtyRmOm

    Tiny planes

    I was wondering. . . If i was going to make one of those super small indoor flyers, what would i need. Because I was wondering how to make one. Also how woukd i make the wings, and elavator/rudder.
  5. R

    Trick tutorial 6: The sideway flip! FPV freestyle tutorials

    I've made another trick tutorial for you guys! Hope it can be helpful for some of you! This time I'm showing how to do a sideway flip!
  6. R

    Trick tutorial 5: Alley-oop hangtime | FPV freestyle TRICKS

    I've made another trick tutorial! This time I am showing how to do Alley-oop hangtime moves! I do this trick a lot and they create a lot of hangtime!
  7. R

    Trick tutorial 4: Sliding in, Sliding out MOVE | FPV freestyle TRICKS

    I've made another trick tutorial! In this video i am showing you one of my favorite tricks! This trick isn't really that hard, but if you do it the wrong way, you might end up in a tree!
  8. R

    How to fly without props || FPV freestyle

    I received a lot of questions about propwash after my last how to tune your quad video. So I decided to make a video on this subject! Hope it can help some of you!
  9. R

    How to tune your quad | PID's explained VLOG

    In this VLOG i am talking about PID's and how you should tune your quad! Hope it will help some people!
  10. R

    How to start with FPV flying | FPV freestyle | VLOG

    Just my thoughts on this subject!
  11. R

    Trick tutorial 3 | combination flips | FPV freestyle

    Made another freestyle tricktutorial! hope it will help some people!
  12. R

    FPV freestyle tutorial: How to mattyflip and more...

    In this tutorial I'm explaining two tricks, Jumping backwards and the forward powerloop AKA mattyflip
  13. D

    Correx/Coroplast/Flute-board scratch building techniques

    Hi! I have been watching the flite-test How-to videos for the longest time and have finally decided to venture into the world of fixed wings. I would really love to see an episode covering the Use of flute-board for building RC aircraft. Foam board/Depron etc. is hard to come by where I live...
  14. D

    Just Sayin' Hi!, & Mighty Mini Arrow FPV Setup

    Hi, All. Just now joined the forum, despite now going on my 5th FT build. I just started a new YouTube channel (see username), and my first vid is on how I put together my FT Mighty Mini Arrow FPV setup. When I built it two months ago, there was nothing out via a video specific to the Arrow, so...
  15. R

    New Ebook, "How to Build a Quadcopter Drone" is now available on Amazon!

    This eBook will cover everything you need to know about building your very own Drone. It is a step-by-step tutorial explaining each part and function. Quadcopters are super fun to fly, and it's just as cool to build them too. Check it out on Amazon...
  16. N

    How to choose a power system when designing and building a multi-rotor

    I hope this is the right place for this, first time in this forum and a noob at anything RC. Eric said in the AP show that he always builds his own multi-rotors and that it was a great way to learn about how they worked. That inspired me to start looking at building my own 500 size quad to lift...
  17. Maue

    FPV Beginers series

    A series biased completely around FPV. I know enough to potentaly lock someone out of there Video but have no real idea what I'm doing. I was inspired by your beginer series and thought about if it will work as a way to educate on how to responsibly use FPV equipment. From the beginning...
  18. F

    Drafting/Designing scratch builds?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering what you do for drafting/designing your scratch builds? I have some ideas I would like to build, but I would like to draft them out first and not go through a hundred pieces of paper doing that. -Maxwell
  19. S

    How to select the right servos for the job

    I am relatively new to this hobby and im enjoying the heck out of it! I have found that there is a TON of stuff to learn but i cant seem to be able to find any good advice on servo selection ie: Brand selection proper size metal vs carbon vs plastic gears digital vs analog etc. Anyone around...