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  1. nOtyRmOm

    Tiny planes

    I was wondering. . . If i was going to make one of those super small indoor flyers, what would i need. Because I was wondering how to make one. Also how woukd i make the wings, and elavator/rudder.
  2. R

    Trick tutorial 6: The sideway flip! FPV freestyle tutorials

    I've made another trick tutorial for you guys! Hope it can be helpful for some of you! This time I'm showing how to do a sideway flip!
  3. R

    Trick tutorial 5: Alley-oop hangtime | FPV freestyle TRICKS

    I've made another trick tutorial! This time I am showing how to do Alley-oop hangtime moves! I do this trick a lot and they create a lot of hangtime!
  4. R

    Trick tutorial 4: Sliding in, Sliding out MOVE | FPV freestyle TRICKS

    I've made another trick tutorial! In this video i am showing you one of my favorite tricks! This trick isn't really that hard, but if you do it the wrong way, you might end up in a tree!
  5. R

    How to fly without props || FPV freestyle

    I received a lot of questions about propwash after my last how to tune your quad video. So I decided to make a video on this subject! Hope it can help some of you!
  6. R

    How to tune your quad | PID's explained VLOG

    In this VLOG i am talking about PID's and how you should tune your quad! Hope it will help some people!
  7. R

    How to start with FPV flying | FPV freestyle | VLOG

    Just my thoughts on this subject!
  8. R

    Trick tutorial 3 | combination flips | FPV freestyle

    Made another freestyle tricktutorial! hope it will help some people!
  9. R

    FPV freestyle tutorial: How to mattyflip and more...

    In this tutorial I'm explaining two tricks, Jumping backwards and the forward powerloop AKA mattyflip
  10. D

    Correx/Coroplast/Flute-board scratch building techniques

    Hi! I have been watching the flite-test How-to videos for the longest time and have finally decided to venture into the world of fixed wings. I would really love to see an episode covering the Use of flute-board for building RC aircraft. Foam board/Depron etc. is hard to come by where I live...
  11. D

    Just Sayin' Hi!, & Mighty Mini Arrow FPV Setup

    Hi, All. Just now joined the forum, despite now going on my 5th FT build. I just started a new YouTube channel (see username), and my first vid is on how I put together my FT Mighty Mini Arrow FPV setup. When I built it two months ago, there was nothing out via a video specific to the Arrow, so...
  12. R

    New Ebook, "How to Build a Quadcopter Drone" is now available on Amazon!

    This eBook will cover everything you need to know about building your very own Drone. It is a step-by-step tutorial explaining each part and function. Quadcopters are super fun to fly, and it's just as cool to build them too. Check it out on Amazon...
  13. N

    How to choose a power system when designing and building a multi-rotor

    I hope this is the right place for this, first time in this forum and a noob at anything RC. Eric said in the AP show that he always builds his own multi-rotors and that it was a great way to learn about how they worked. That inspired me to start looking at building my own 500 size quad to lift...
  14. Maue

    FPV Beginers series

    A series biased completely around FPV. I know enough to potentaly lock someone out of there Video but have no real idea what I'm doing. I was inspired by your beginer series and thought about if it will work as a way to educate on how to responsibly use FPV equipment. From the beginning...
  15. F

    Drafting/Designing scratch builds?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering what you do for drafting/designing your scratch builds? I have some ideas I would like to build, but I would like to draft them out first and not go through a hundred pieces of paper doing that. -Maxwell
  16. S

    How to select the right servos for the job

    I am relatively new to this hobby and im enjoying the heck out of it! I have found that there is a TON of stuff to learn but i cant seem to be able to find any good advice on servo selection ie: Brand selection proper size metal vs carbon vs plastic gears digital vs analog etc. Anyone around...