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How to choose a power system when designing and building a multi-rotor

I hope this is the right place for this, first time in this forum and a noob at anything RC.

Eric said in the AP show that he always builds his own multi-rotors and that it was a great way to learn about how they worked. That inspired me to start looking at building my own 500 size quad to lift a go-pro size camera on a 3 axis gimbal and I would like something with 25 minute flight time. Something similar to Josh Bixler's Chroma. I have been trying to figure out what type of power system I should use. I was looking at a 2316-900 kv motor with a 4s 5000 lipo battery, but then I also read about a 2312 -460kv motor that uses a 6s lipo. I was wondering if the guys could do a show on how to pick motors, power distribution systems, battery and props when designing to different quads; say a 250 FPV race quad and a heavy duty hex or octo copter capable of carrying a 5d camera.