1. Vimana89

    Solved Inspiration Poll: What Type of Plane Should I Make Next?

    Going to run this poll for a few days, and see where the interest is. I've got a couple electronics setups that are free to build around, and have been having a bit of an uninspired spell. I may build yet another plane before these results are closed out to keep busy, but I will take them into...
  2. G

    Need Recommendations...

    Hi Guys, So i am planning on building a long-range Mapping and Monitoring Airplane, I need a stable but fast airplane (up to 100 km/h), Can you guys give me some recommendations like wing span, airfoil type, Type of Plane, etc? :confused::confused:
  3. R

    First race drone

    I recently bought and mastered an Inductrix FPV pro and bought a set of Fatshark dominator HDs and a DXe transmitter with it. I am now looking into an actual race drone. Unfortunately, I am not in a position right now to do any soldering or build my own drone right now. Therefore, I'm looking...
  4. The Alpine Ace

    FT Groups and FT forums app: is it in the works?

    I've noticed Flitetest is very much a modern RC company who loves to use today's modern technology to make the hobby available to every day joes. I'm suprised there isn't a good all-in-one app out to help with things like flight times, forums, groups, suggestions, and store. Does anybody think...
  5. U

    FT "Deathmatch Fighter", and multicopter configuration guide

    Hey all, new FT forums member here. No RC plane experience, but I have a toy-grade heli and a pair of Nano QX Multicopters I'm learning to fly, and I have loved RC cars and other surface transit stuff all my life. I'm probably going to get a plane when the weather gets a little nicer, and I'm...
  6. DK-Design

    first multi build (V-tail)

    I have been watching a ton of flite test in the past 3 weeks... and I've been inspired by david and the gang. Before starting, I wanted to get an idea of size/scale so i broke out Photoshop & SkechUp and started playing. I didn't know where to start SOooo I copied the RotorBones pdf designs...
  7. L

    lower mounted motors

    I am planning on building a tricopter this summer and when researching i saw someone mounted (not a Y6) the front 2 motors on the bottom. This got me wondering why some one would do that? After much searching, somethings I found, read that Pros: noticeably (roughly 5%) longer flight times...
  8. jsut210

    Good Plane For a 31cc Gas Engine

    So about a month ago, I ran into a ryobi weed eater that was being tossed. Being fascinated with anything mechanical, I snatched the thing right up and got her running great again. Now that I have this massive engine, what plane could I put it on? I'm looking to scratch build one out of the...
  9. SkySlayer

    New ways for planes and choppers to combat.

    This is where we can share each others ideas on different ways to combat other that total annihilation and ribbons(boring).And ways for choppers to combat, lol i used combat my Robin22 against a R/C car that was great fun but there must be loads more ways. Please reply.