FT Groups and FT forums app: is it in the works?

The Alpine Ace

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I've noticed Flitetest is very much a modern RC company who loves to use today's modern technology to make the hobby available to every day joes. I'm suprised there isn't a good all-in-one app out to help with things like flight times, forums, groups, suggestions, and store. Does anybody think an FT app is close? Or even being considered? I be willing to pay money for something like that! Anyone else feel the same?

The Alpine Ace

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I'm already a part of FT groups and I'm excited to get to meet other FT enthusiasts, but an app would be incredible. And yea, it's basically a clone of FT Facebook. XD


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Tried searching for a main thread about this but this is the closest I could find. So i remember trying to join this when it first launched and tried this again recently. The issue I am having is that I never get the verification email to join. I've double checked that I am using the right email and also checked my spam folder and settings.

Dose the site have issues with hotmail emails?


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I'm hoping to see a resurgence.

Maybe with the next round of website changes it will make FT Groups more prominent and it will start doing better.


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I have to admit I'm still not sure about the benefits of FT groups. The forum is used for most things that are listed as things you can do on FTgroups:

  • Connect with other pilots near you. - We do that in here.
  • Purchase discounted bulk materials from the Flite Test Store. - Hm?
  • Share, chat and interact with others. - Sharing and interaction is done on the forum, chatting is usually done on Facebook (which I don't like, but well...)
  • Contribute photos, videos, and blog articles to your group. - We do that here, here or here (which is for here).
  • Coordinate local events - Also in here.
  • Communicate in your native language - The whole website being English is a little hurdle for non-english speakers to navigate, also people have been doing that in their country's section in here.

I'm also thinking it was announced when it wasn't ready yet. It's small signs like the text "Sign up to get started with FT Groups!" after being signed in :).

It is neglected even by the FT "social media crew". I don't see anything official related to the Flite Fests, shared pictures, videos, etc. from them. They usually only post on Facebook (which is linked to Twitter) or Instagram (which is linked to Twitter) and sometimes on Google+... "Flitetest Fans" also only discusses on Facebook...