New ways for planes and choppers to combat.


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This is where we can share each others ideas on different ways to combat other that total annihilation and ribbons(boring).And ways for choppers to combat, lol i used combat my Robin22 against a R/C car that was great fun but there must be loads more ways. Please reply.


Why stop at fpv bombs? If you are going that far, may as well put a rocket motor on it and try fpv guided missiles. Don't expect to hit your target, though!


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There are endless possibilities. It will be interesting what people come up with!


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Usually, infrared transmitter/receivers, as there are in those laser tag gun parts, do not work well if at all in sunlight. There is just too much intereference from the sun. It probably would work for indoor combat though.

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Point system flying = You pick two posts to fly through or something low to fly under with
extra points for doing them inverted in a roll etc etc
work out your points system beforehand then argue about it know your going to


Um, the results can be combat-like. Take for instance when I tried to fly my Cub through a soccer goal sans net this afternoon. I nailed the crossbar perfectly!


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What if you had a cO2 can-astir and the made it fire launching tons of small needles of course that would destroy the plane on a hit but it would be cool!:cool:


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I have a Sonic Combat Module, its from HobbyZone . here is the info
Product Description
Plug in the Sonic Combat Module and take on similarly equipped HobbyZone planes in aerial combat. When “hit”, the SCM temporarily disables your opponent’s motor for ten seconds while still allowing them to steer.
The Sonic Combat Module is compatible with any X-Port equipped HobbyZone airplane, like the Firebird Commander, Aerobird Challenger, and Aerobird Xtreme.

The Sonic Combat Module also works with X-Port equipped ParkZone Aircraft such as the F-27 Stryker
and yes it works on a super cub lp .

now you know what it is , But I have never used it...... No one I know has one.
one day I hope to use it ,lol


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Here is something for any of you Hobbyzone flyers. I think it's infrared or something but it sure is cool.