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A place to put all of your diy micro (indoor size) quad things!

I was thinking of making a micro indoor quad and just need a place for others to put their info! ^-^

Hobbykings new products made for micro quads

Quanum Pico 32bit Brushed Flight Control board

Quanum WISP 110 micro multirotor frame

60mm Propeller Quad Set (4 pcs)

Mini Quad Brushed Motor 8x20mm (4 Pack)

Oscar Liang's ulimate write up


Hovership's micro 3DFLY quad.


Peabody's board and frame

This is a sparky 2 FC and frame with taulink system
Now sold Here!

Micro MWC FC with brushed escs and dsm2 reciever


Ultimate write up

CJMCU fc and frame (no receiver)

seems to be pretty good, but no good sellers


Hasi's fc board with esc and flysky rx


Micro motor Warehouse

Great place for motors, frames, and has a flight controller (Alienwii)


Micro brushed escs with naze mini


They begin talking on post 357


Hermit micro rtf brushless quad


Some FPV parts

good camera


good 5.8 tx


Flite Tests' micro 5.8 FPV module

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Funny you should say that... I just finished my micro yesterday, I converted the hobbyking Q-Bot into an FPV ship with a micro transmitter and camera :)




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It is the original Q-Bot and the flight is mostly acro, it has built in accelerometer and gyro but somehow the FC has very little influence on stabilizing the little quad.
You can flip it with a switch which ups the rates but it seems pre-programmed.


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How about the CC3D atom. I have no experience with it, but it is the tiniest FC I've seen and if it's as good as the CC3D then it should work very well. Also you can check out Peabody's brushed sparky project. It's a sparky FC built into a PCB frame for a versatile micro FPV quad. Not sure if or when he will start selling, but I think I remember him saying he sent the plans in for production.
Also I would prefer a DIY fc board or something so I can tune it to my liking but I don't know very many like this.
I would like to suggest HobbyKing's Micro MWC. It is a MultiWii control board with 4 integrated brushed ESCs. If you can solder, you can build it. All you need to do is solder on a battery connector and 4 motors and stick it in a frame and you're set. It has a built in DSM reciever so you can bind it to Spektrum receivers.

I built one using a 3D printed frame that I designed, but I've seen people mount them in NanoQx's to have the ability to tune it. There are several forum posts about builds using these. I'll post some pictures of mine when I get a chance.

Programming the multiwii can be a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it it is pretty easy to tune.


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It looks a bit big (and expensive!)but it could work indoors. I am looking for nano qx sized stuff but this would be great for a small venue!
a little, but those brushless motors are neat neat neat! Not to mention if these gain any kind of popularity more folks will start building frames around them... it'd be pretty funny to have a nano warpquad