1. T

    First Plane

    Hey everyone, I’m new here I just bought the Simple Storch kit a few weeks ago for my first ever plane. I got it all together and it flew a little rough the first time but after some repairs (from a crash) and some tuning, it now flys like a charm and I just ordered two more kits.
  2. kimballgoss

    Selling - READY MADE RC FPV STARTER KIT - almost new

    Ready made RC FPV kit- Lightly used- bought around 2014-. Condition is Used. I bought it about 5 years ago when I was just getting into fpv, I've since grown out of it and thought I might be useful to someone else getting into fpv. It's lightly used, it's only been setup maybe 15 times, all...
  3. TooJung2Die

    Guillows SE5a Kit 202 Rubber Power to RC Conversion

    I haven't built a Guillows kit in over 45 years. The last Guillows kit I built as a boy was this SE5a. It was rubber powered and covered with the green tissue that came in the kit. I remember it wasn't a great flier. The rubber and prop didn't have enough thrust for it to climb well. The landing...
  4. D

    Ft Planes Wanted

    Hello I was wondering if anyone had any Ft Planes that don’t have electronics in them or if you have a speed build kit you haven’t gotten around to build. Preferably with electronics but it doesn’t really matter if they don’t have electronics. Will pay for shipping. I’m in the United States...
  5. N

    Multi rotor build videos

    Hey guys, While FT is excellent at making build videos for their foamy's, I do not find any build vid's for the Gremlin/Turbo edition. I bought one of the kits on the fundraiser, but could use some guidance on the build. Also how about a file of the Pid's and settings stuff for beta-flight...
  6. D

    Hobby Shop Peter worked at Before Flite Test

    Help me. I remember Josh B. Talking about wooden kits and suggesting a shop, Ironically it was the same shop that Peter worked at before joining Flite Test. I have built four FT Kits and am starting to think about building a wooden kit. I would like to purchase one of their kits. Can...
  7. Turbojoe

    52" Marston Pterodactyl!

    Looking for a cool and different balsa build? Here it is! The 52" Marston Pterodactyl. You'll likely have the only one at the field. Like everything else I buy I bought this on a whim but had every intention of building it someday but now it's in the "MAKE SOME ROOM" pile. I've gotta start...
  8. agentkbl

    Bixler's Pietenpol

    Who thinks it would be awesome if Flite Test made a Pietenpol based of Josh's out of balsa, and even more importantly, made it available on the store? I think it would give more publicity to the balsa/dark side of R/C flight (or should I say flite) and it would be cool for Bixler.
  9. Randy

    New Plane

    I would like to see you guys (Josh and Josh) design a new plane in the Bi-plane category that has a low wing loading, that flies real slow for beginner/intermediate, like a Tiger Moth? Something that can also handle simple aerobatics/airbatic/citabria (get it?) thanks.
  10. I

    433Mhz RF Transmitter And Receiver Kit For Arduino Project

  11. D

    Roadrunner: Where to find plans or kit?

    Hello, I am looking to get myself a Roadrunner rc plane and I am wondering where to fins plans or a kit to build this plane. Even a half hour worth of googling couldn't yield any results!
  12. T

    An invitation to multirotor discourse!

    With so many choices to choose from, I was wondering what you guys look for personally when buying a multirotor. Do you prefer a kit or a ready-to-fly? Or just the frame or maybe a PNF? Perhaps you prefer to scratch build? Does it have to look good aesthetically? Or do you utilitarians not...
  13. T

    Power combos for foamies

    I am sold on the Flightest foamie kits, want to build one. This will be my first, so I'd like to keep it simple. Unfortunately, the motor/ESC combos are really really hard to find. Can't get them on Flightest, or anywhere else it seems. They are all sold out. You can buy the individual...
  14. Andre

    André's Multiplex FunCub (kit)

    What do you get when you combine a gift certificate to your local hobby shop and an awesome boxing day sale? A FUNCUB. Yes yes yes. I've wanted one of these for a long time now. I'd bought the motor and ESC back in the summer for the ill-fated 60" Spitfire but now that 3536 motor has a home...
  15. Andre

    Andre's Durafly SkyMule

    The Durafly™ SkyMule Twin FPV Sports Model EPO 1500mm (Kit) arrived today. I'm always a little worried when planes come by regular mail but this one was perfect. Credit to HK for actually taking the time to wrap it up very nicely. They flipped the outer box inside out so the contents would not...
  16. H

    Front Wingbox upgrade for the Spitfire

    I have landed my spitfire a couple of times pretty hard. I found one of the weak points int the spitfire is the front wingbox. The foam just doesn't hold up. So I made a reinforced front wingbox for he spitfire and my BF-109. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks, Brad
  17. Flying Fish Fin

    Best first balsa kit?

    Hi all, I'm pretty comfortable with flying foamies, but I'm looking for a first balsa kit. Does anyone have any suggestions? Preferably, it would be from a well-known company like great planes so I can go to my local hobby shop. Thanks, Fin
  18. H

    6mmflyrc Parkjets?

    Has anyone ever built or flew one of these kits, and are they any good, it's going to be £90 ($150) so I want to make sure they fly well, and are relatively easy to build. Thanks in advance. Andrew. \m/_
  19. Hamdhan

    BIxler Motor

    Hi guys, If I buy the Bixler KIT, which motor should I get? Do I need shaft adapter or something?