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Multi rotor build videos

Hey guys,

While FT is excellent at making build videos for their foamy's, I do not find any build vid's for the Gremlin/Turbo edition.

I bought one of the kits on the fundraiser, but could use some guidance on the build.

Also how about a file of the Pid's and settings stuff for beta-flight. I built one of David's Mini tri's, but would like a "best practices" for your Gremlin builds.


unfortunately, all the electronics on the turbo version are different than those on this earlier version in the vid above
Certainly...I don't have any info on what the boards in the stack are(Model/brand/version) so I can chase down information
or any documentation on the pinouts of the boards....they came with NO INFORMATION !!! or documentation. I'm Just a tad frustrated as they keep telling me that a build vid is coming, but they keep producing vids on kid toys...Grrrrr


Wake up! Time to fly!
Here is the turbo parts with the only difference being the frame as far as can tell. Looks like it is an hglrc stack.

1x Sidewinder Edition Frame
4x Emax 1106 – 6000kv motors
2x HQ T2.5x3.5x3 Purple Props
1x HGLRC FULL Stack XJB F428-TX20.V2
1x RunCam Micro Swift 2
1x FT 2.0 Hex
1x FT 1.5 hex
1x XT-30 male w/ 40mm lead
1x Single JST Male Connector w/ leads
1x FT Logo Sticker

In time your FT search foo will grow strong and you will be able to suss out any information needed. Just have to have patience and a cool head. If not you wont get far in this hobby at all as it does have its frustrations CONSTANTLY. Wait till you start the driver battle!


Wake up! Time to fly!
I would not reccomend using turtle mode on a gremlin.

The motors are super low torque and you can easily smoke a stalled or blocked motor.