Need Help with Tricopter Rotorbones


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Hey everyone.

It's great to be getting started on these forums. I am glad to consider myself part of the community.

First off, I am a total newbie at RC. Just started building my tricopter from Flitetest back during Christmas. I have had many successes and failures, but I am loving every second.

So, the main problem that I am having is tuning my tricopter. I have it set up with a KK2.1 board. I have not installed V1.6 - it still runs V1.5. It gets a little twitchy on me at times when I do fly it. I currently fly with self-leveling on (because off just freaks me out). I was wondering if anyone knew a good setup for beginners for tuning the roll, pitch, and yaw for this setup. I think I am able to install V1.6, but I am not sure. I had some weird issue before with my USB-ASP.

All suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.

I would post a picture of my current setup, but I am having trouble with the forum.

Here are a couple of videos of the tricopter in action.

Thanks again for your suggestions. God bless.



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First off, welcome to the forum!

Second, skip the kk2.1's 1.6. for that matter, move on from 1.5 as soon as you can. HK really messed up parts of this firmware and the modded firmwares are *much* better. At this point I'd recommend Steveis's 1.11 or 1.12 ROMs. Which one is up to your tolerance for wading throguh extra settigns vs. living without the newest features -- 1.11 is more feature rich, and 1.12 has been simplified to look like the kk2.0's 1.6.

The perfect tuned gain settigns depends so much on which motors, ESC's, and ROM you have and how everything is set up, sharing settigns from a differnt Tri might get you closer, but they very well might leave you worse off. Try the new ROMs first. At the very least many of the nasty bugs have been squashed and they've updated the default settigns to something more middle ground.

When it comes time to tune . . . you need to do it in acro mode first. Self level hides *a lot* of the tuning effects, and makes the process worthless. Tune Acro first, then self level. If SL dosen't fly right and you can't fly acro yet, you might want to get some help from a local club . . .

. . . Speaking of club -- In the DC area? You are flying at a club field, right? DO NOT PLAY WITH FIRE. That whole area is a heavily restricted airspace -- INCLUDING MODELS -- with the exceptions of club feilds. It *REALLY* stinks for model pilots in that area, but the powers that be do not take chances with their own back yard. You can probably get away with flying "under the radar" (quite litteraly) for a while, but claiming ignorance of the law is no excuse, and you're less likely to run into the "keep the peace" officer as opposed to the "compliance must be enforced" in your neck of the woods.

I wish you luck and I'm glad to lend a hand getting your airframe tuned, but stay safe out there ;)


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Welcome to FliteTest! We love video here. You are off to a great start.

Tuning PI is a challenge for a beginner. The challenge is a catch 22. To properly tune an FCB (this is not a KK2 limitation) you have to fly it and tune it in acro mode. Period. Tuning P&I in autolevel just makes a mess. Of course, most folks learn to fly in autolevel because acro mode is HARD.

You have to learn to (at least) hover in acro mode to be able to tune the board so it will fly well in auto level mode.

Short term, learn to hover and handle orientation with autolevel on. As you progress, dip into acro mode and learn to hover. Once you learn to hover in acro, then and only then tune the board with autolevel off. Once you tune the board to fly with autolevel off, then and only then should you tune autolevel.


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. . . which would explain the plam trees and the general lack of drearyness.

Where abouts in Florida, If you don't mind me asking?


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You might want to lower the stick scaling on the KK. This will tame the twitchy-ness of the copter some but still let you fly and tune as you need to.