Problems Scaling (NEED HELP)


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So I am trying to take some FT Plans and turn them into DXF files for my mpcnc and I keep running into scaling issues between Inkscape and Draftsight..... When I open PDF in Inkscape everything runs smoothly until i save it as a DXF. Once I Open it in Draftsight the scaling is insanely off. What programs do you guys use to be able to take these PDF files and turn them into DXF without having any of the scaling problems??? Help would be much appreciated and if there is already preformed copies of FT plans for CNC can someone point me in the right direction or post the link to them!


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I make sure I draw a 'scale' on the plans in the corner, and when I move the file between programs (Inkscape & AutoCAD mostly, but I'm also messing with DoubleCAD XT) just use the scaling function in the new program to reset the whole plan to the correct size.


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I've had scaling issues on some PDF's with inkscape, but only when exporting as SVG, exporting the same file as DXF solved the problem. But now I'm wondering if maybe I'm remembering that backwards and it was DXF that had issues but exporting as SVG solved it.

Either way - yes it does seem that inkscape may sometimes have scaling issues but it seemed to be in the export rather than the import/workscape since exporting in a different format solved it.

So, may want to give that a try.