1. Dawson

    Solved How do you set up lights on flite test ESCs

    I have the flite test 80 amp Esc and it has that little connecter that I heard was used for LED lights and I just wanted to know how that works and what lights would work on it. I’m planning on putting it on a 7.5 foot Rc plane I built and wanted to make sure the lights could have extensions to...
  2. VID_20220202_145745989.mp4


    lights in motion
  3. DbleDuce

    FT Bronco - LED lessons learned

    First time adding LED lights to a plane and night flying. Being a newbie I thought adding lights to the top of the wing would be enough. DON'T DO THIS. You need to put lights on top AND bottom of the wing. I would suggest one color for top and another for the bottom. While I had the tail...
  4. A

    Naze32 v6 led not working properly

    Yesterday I received some LEDs for my VersaCopter, i soldered all the connections and hot glued the LEDs in place but when i turned on my drone none of the LEDs lit up, until i enabled the LEDs, but then i can not use my 5th and 6th channels for some reason, if i disable the LEDs in clean flight...
  5. T

    Problem with Naze32 rev6 / WS2812 LEDS

    I'm building a new quad based on the White sheep frame. It's the first time I'm messing with LEDS and not everything goes according to plan :( LEDs are more/less working : they light up, but the colors are all messed up. IMHO, it's definitely a serial sync issue but I don't understand why. My...
  6. C

    FT 3d with servo controlled l.e.d.'s

    My first flight with the ft 3d wasn't a success, I flew about 12 sec before dive bombing a jeep that was traveling 20 mph on the road, I repaired the plame and thought I would mess around with some lights I had sitting around, I powered the lights with a 9v battery and cut the negative wire...
  7. F

    cessna 185 night flyer!

    Hey guys just thought I would post some pictures of my latest build. I got the plans from RCGROUPS and modified them to work with DTFB (which didn't take much.) Unfortunately I don't have any picture of the build process, I really need to get better at that. I can however try to answer any...
  8. Bigshow4u

    Night Flight of my TechOne Popwing/Tek Sumo

    LEDs are frenched in so they don't rip off during landings and to keep drag to a minimum (plus it looks WAY better than just slapping them on :cool:). Video isn't the best because the camera woman didn't realize that zooming in blurs it badly. Used my Droid X2 camera for it.