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FT Bronco - LED lessons learned

First time adding LED lights to a plane and night flying. Being a newbie I thought adding lights to the top of the wing would be enough. DON'T DO THIS. You need to put lights on top AND bottom of the wing. I would suggest one color for top and another for the bottom.

While I had the tail lit up and I was able to distinguish direction, the first time I banked the plane away from me I lost visual...and...well you can see.

But on the upside, because of the design of the body, I carried and second battery just for the LED lights.


did you just plus the LED strip into a 3S ?
Yes, a straight connection. There are 3 compartments on the back of the fuselage. I used velcro to attach the battery to one of the compartments (making sure I kept the correct CG). Made the plane a little heavier, but still flew great.


Master member
Normally I plan for LEDs in a plane and install them inside the wing but the brown FT board does not go well with this not really bright enough, I use JST connectors that plug into the balance lead so no extra battery needed.