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cessna 185 night flyer!

Hey guys just thought I would post some pictures of my latest build. I got the plans from RCGROUPS and modified them to work with DTFB (which didn't take much.) Unfortunately I don't have any picture of the build process, I really need to get better at that.

I can however try to answer any questions that you may have. The plane is a great slow flyer. Its 3 channels but can be modified to have ailerons, which I plan to do on the next build of it. I did end up having to put a carbon spar in my wing because I folded 2 of them over doing loops. With the added carbon I have tried to fold it and simply cant!

This one I decided since it is such a docile plane to turn it into a night flyer so I added LED's, I feel that the results turned out pretty cool.
The images below are pre-paint, post-paint, and post LED's

Currently I don't have any internal images but I will try to get some if there is interest.









creator of virtual planes
Thanks Ron, I used a few techniques and materials that flitetest doesn't use. I used some 2" thick pink insulation foam and a hotwire cutter which was interesting. All in all it is a very sturdy build.
That's the nice thing about scratch building, there are no rules. What ever you have, what ever works, and what ever you find easiest. ;)

I looks like a great plane, if you can get some video I'd love to see it in the air.