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  1. Webcrowd

    Advice and info for a Noob required please

    HI everyone, I was wanting to get some information on Lipo and charge levels please. I am a total noob to the electric side of things, and only just returning to the hobby after 20 years absence. So if any one would care to share their wisdom, that would be much appreciated. I have been trolling...
  2. A

    How to fix : Low Voltage Lipo battery

    Hi guys, I discovered something interesting yesterday. I purchased a turnigy 3 cell 25C 1300mah battery over the weekend from our local HK vendors. I had two flights with this battery and when I wanted to charge it, the charger gave me an error "low voltage" which according to what i have seen...
  3. K


    hey guys, great show! would you do a non-biased review on the hobbyking nano-tech lipos. i have 1 my self and i left it for a week at 70-80% charged and it puffed up in me! thanks keep on making the shows. Kearney :cool:
  4. T

    Understanding Batteries 101

    Complete Guide to Lithium Polymer Batteries and LiPo Failure Reports After seeing the many many posts on LiPoly's and answering similar questions time after time I've decided to put up a guide for using LiPoly batteries. Lithium batteries are the preferred power sources for most electric...