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  1. C

    Tunrigy Airsoft lipos for 250 racer?

    Hi all, I'm new to quads and also the forum so firstly I'd like to say hello (Hello) :) Now that's over with time for the noob questions that will do doubt come from me in there hundreds! I've already order all the parts for my build which i shall list now so you guys have some idea what I'm...
  2. Cain Seldon

    LiPo Battery Question

    Hey guys, this is my first post on the forums. I've been following FliteTest on youtube for about two years now :) I intend to get into multi-rotors with the ultimate goal of flying camera drones for personal and potentially paid work. But till then… I have a Dromida Kodo, and have been...
  3. Snarls

    Recycling Two Bad 3s Lipos

    I have two 3s 2200mAh lipos that have ended their life early. One has a cell that is puffed and appears non existent, and the other has a cell that discharged itself to 0v without use. The other two cells in each battery appear to be fine and stable. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to...
  4. G

    FT Versa Wing Battery Question

    Hi everyone, I am looking at an FT Versa Wing as my first scratch build, and I am wondering if an E-flite 3200mAh 3S 11.1V 30C LiPo paired with Flite Test's Power Pack C in a pusher configuration would be too heavy? I am also wondering if covering the entire wing in packing tape would be too...
  5. G

    Battery charging question

    Hi everyone, I am wondering if I can charge a 150mah lipo at a 100mah charge rate? The reason I am asking is my Hitec X1 MF 80-Watt AC/DC Charger only goes up in intervals of 100mah. Thanks!
  6. Turkey_Flyer

    Travelling with lipos

    Hi, does somone know the regulations for travelling with lipos? A friend of mine is travelling to Mexico and i want him to bring me a battery (1 LiFe 9.9v 1500mAh). I know he must bring the battery in carry-on luggage, also the battery must be inside a Lipo safe bag. Is there anything else i...
  7. Q

    Charging Multi Cell LiPo Batteries via USB

    I'm looking for a way to charge a 2 cell LiPo via a USB port... I know there are USB chargers for single cell batteries, but I'm not sure if there are any multicell chargers (or if it's even possible). I'm looking for a cheap/easy way to charge the batteries on my quad while camping/hiking so...
  8. Kurt0326

    LIPOS Gone Bad. Tips/Stories

    I have thought about doing this thread for a couple of days now. As I am still relatively new to this hobby, I am still learning. I want to talk about one of the more dangerous pieces of your RC tools, the lithium polymer battery. There are many treads talking about how to pick the right...
  9. W

    Batteries and chargers

    Whats a cheap charger for a 2200mah lipo battery?
  10. F

    Fundraiser for AeroKingRC.com

    Post ended
  11. jsut210

    MiniQuad Battery Findings

    So today some friends and I had a quad race down at our local RC club. Needless to say, I'm going to need more power to be competitive. So instead of flying my 5030 props, I'm going to give some 5040 and 5030 3 blade props a shot. But when I do this, my current consumption will go up. This in...
  12. T

    Newbie Q: LiPo Charging/Discharging

    Hey FT! I've found myself playing the charge/discharge dance with my batteries recently. I'll charge a battery the night before on a forecast of low winds hoping I can fly after work. Without fail, I'll get home to 10+mph winds with gusts. Instead of discharging my batteries by flying, I'm...
  13. N

    Replacing Old Lead-Acid/Pb Battery

    Hi all, I would first like to say that I understand that this question may be a bit off topic for a forum mainly based on fixed-wing and multirotor RC vehicles, but I thought that some of you veteran RC'ers out there might know what I can do. I found an old, most likely 1/16th scale RC car...
  14. L

    Lipo Disposal, Storage, etc...

    What I would like to see is how flite test disposes of old, severely damaged, minor damaged, and simply demolished batteries. The internet has loads of stuff regarding salt water bath, discharge to '0' volts per cell, etc. What do you guys do for the battery that is (fill in the blank). Would...
  15. R

    Help with batteries?

    Hi, everyone, I've seen the beginner series and I got really confused on the battery episode. I didn't understand about charging them, mainly. The battery I want to get for my ft old speedster is a turnigy 1000mAH 3s 20c lipo pack. Could someone please tell me stuff like flight time, what...
  16. W

    IMPORTANT : Old RX-TX + New Servos/UBEC/ESC

    Hey guys, Ill gonna make myself thrown into the hobby and gonna take my dad back with me so my questions will be about "modernizing" or "old and new" items used together. ( ill post pics of all the material i have ) So my dad is going to prepare his stuff to fly glow and a rebuilt glider. My...
  17. ofiesens2

    Charger compatibility

    I have 2 850mAh 3 cell batteries from LazerToyz for my FT swappables. Can these be charged with any LiPo charger, or do I have to buy a specific brand? I would like to use the LiPo charger I have from my Super Cub, but I'm not sure if you can safely charge between brands.
  18. jsut210

    80% Rule v.s. Voltage Cutoff

    I am still a bit of a newb to the hobby right now so I have came across one question regarding LiPo discharge. I have read all around that a healthy voltage to discharge a Lipo to is about 3.7v, nominal voltage (Not under load). So as a beginner, I have a battery alarm on my tricopter that...
  19. eagle4

    Balance plug savers

    I only heard about these recently. I'm really surprised these aren't more well known. Anyway I made a quick video on them. Enjoy.
  20. T

    How to choose your LiPo, ESCs, motors and props?

    Hi guys! I'm a new (and a noob as must say) around here and I have a beginner question for you :) I'm actually building my first quad with the Knuckle H-Quad frame created by the flitetest crew. The thing is, I followed the recommendations regarding the LiPo, ESCs, motors and props but I would...