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  1. orange_rc_pilot


    Ok so I just pulled out my toolbox and knocked over an old unused lipo without a connector on it. The wires shorted instantly and I heard it fizzing violently and went to about 3x its size in like 15 seconds. I sprinted to the balcony and put it there in the likely event that it spontaneously...
  2. S

    Hello and I have a question

    Hello All Just joined this forum but have been flying quads and planes for a couple of years. Just putting together my first home-build quad and have chosen the multistar 4830 480kv motors. Its a 600 size quad but I wanted the best payload possible. My question is that the 4830 480s are a 6s...
  3. Z

    flying with lipos

    Hey all! Im new around here, and to the rc world in general, and was wondering if I could get some tips on flying to other countries with my lipos. Im planning on going to spain this summer, and I wanted to bring my phantom 3 with 2 batteries. Anyone know the tsa's rules about drones...
  4. Snarls

    Titan Advanced High Capacity Lithium Ion Batteries

    Hey guys. If you've ever seen MyGeekShow with Trent, you may know that he used NCR18650B lithium ion batteries in his wings. His packs had 75% more capacity than lipos for the same weight, but unfortunately were expensive and hard to make. Today he released a video introducing Titan batteries...
  5. R

    Life vs Lipo Batteries

    Hello, So this is second post. First post I wrote was in introduction and I included some suggestions, I am going to mirror them here seeing as this is correct forum spot for it: I would like to know a lot more about LiFE batteries. Here are some questions you can answer for it. Why are...
  6. S

    LiPo Battery Help... Don't really want a fire tonight

    Hi all, I just finished my first quadcopter build today. I charged my Turnigy Nano-Tech 1300mah 3s 45c-90c LiPo on a Turnigy Accucell 6 and started messing around with the quad. I only took it a few feet off the ground for only seconds at a time, so I didn't think to much of the battery level. I...
  7. hoiberg42

    Free LiPo battery logging app

    Hi all, I'm new on this forum :D and I immediately have something to share. It's my LiPo watch app. I recently turned it into freeware, so it's now available for free on the iOS app store (link). It lets you log the cycles of your LiPo batteries, and it will remind you when a battery is stored...
  8. Snarls

    Cheap Lipos at Hobbyking Cyber Sale

    Just letting people know that there are some really cheap lipos available with HKs Cyber Sale. Mostly high capacity ones, but new deals come out every now and then. I got a 4s 5200 for $15 vs $40 a couple weeks ago. Also not just lipos for cheap, you may find a great price on an item you've been...
  9. Z

    Please Help On first build

    I recently decided to try and build my first quad, I have the motors, esc's, and PDB all wired up but am unsure on how I should setup the Flight Controller (Naze32 Rev6). I also encountered a problem when i plugged the LiPo in... it started to smoke. I've double checked all my wiring and nothing...
  10. G

    4 port battery charger recommendations?

    Hi, I am looking into getting a 4 port charger so I don't have to wait so long to charge all my batteries. So far I have narrowed it down to two, the Dynamite Prophet Sport Quad 4 X 50W AC/DC Charger (DYNC2040) and the Hitec X4 AC+ 4 Channel AC/DC Charger (HRC44167) The things that I want the...
  11. M

    Do I need to use the salt water method to discharge lipo batteries?

    Hello All, I need to discharge a lipo battery, which has had an incident involving being hit with a quadcopter prop. It is safe to discharge, but I don't have anyway of using a discharger because I do not have a balance connector on it anymore... :eek: (You need the balance connector to...
  12. dannyboy70000

    How long will a lipo last in a tree?

    hi, i got my plane stuck up in a tree and it has been up there for 27 hours and its about to go for its second night, hopefully it doesn't rain. Anyway, i wanted to know how long the lipo will last?, is it going to catch on fire?, will it still be flyable?( the lipo of coarse) and will the rain...
  13. K

    Best FT Plane to match Motor/Prop combo

    Hi all, First sorry if I am in the wrong forum. I'll admit it. I'm a noob. I have tried a few FT planes with no success. I tried designing my own plane... It was a flop. Now I am hoping that I can get some help as to which plane to attempt next. And if possible I would like to use some of my...
  14. C

    Idea for Lipo charging station.

    Building my first Charging station! i only have a handful of Lipo batteries. But i wanted a metal box that i could run cable in and had a lip i could open and close easily! This is what i was thinking! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005UPA10Y?redirect=true&ref_=s9_simh_co_p328_d0_i2 I will...
  15. G

    FT Versa Wing battery question

    Hi everyone, I am almost done building my FT Versa Wing and the battery I am using is a Kinexis 3200mah 3s 30c, and when I cut out the hatch in the front for it and test fit the battery, I found out that the battery sticks out about 3/8th to 4/8th inches and my question is because this is a...
  16. N

    DP Batteries

    Good morning everyone, I received an email from a company claiming to make high quality batteries at a low cost... .. . I'm wondering if anyone has heard from them or used them? http://www.lpdpower.com/35c-lipo-battery-packs-1.html Cheers
  17. D

    Battery and receiver troubles

    I jut got my LiPo battery in the mail today. My dad and I were trying to hook it up to the receiver and it simply would not fit. In trying to get it to fit we unwittingly turned to connector around and fried the receiver. Because of the way the battery plug is, it won't fit in the right way. I...
  18. razor02097

    Attempting to make an automated LiPo discharge device

    Hello all, being who I am I like to tinker... a lot! This is not article material yet as the following device is barely worthy of prototype status... Currently I have a Electrifly charger that does not have the capability to discharge batteries to storage voltage (or 3.8v per cell). I thought...
  19. Techno


    I was just now doing a bench test of my FPV system and suddenly the screen and receiver turned off. I wondered why, so I checked the battery I was using at the Voltage was {8.05} UPDATE: It's actually at 8.05 volts with around 2.85v per cell, and I've decided to try and save it Now I raise the...
  20. G

    FT Mini Scout question

    Hi everyone, I just ordered the Mighty Mini Scout Speed Build Kit along with Power Pack A, and I would like to put a 800mah 3s that weighs 77g in it for flying in the wind. What I was wondering is if that battery would make it too heavy? Thanks!