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  1. J

    FT "Jumbo" Versa Wing

    I got some FPV equipment for Christmas. I thought that I would build a Versa wing "bigger" to take the extra weight. I printed the plans out at 120% and added a center pod to take the extra equipment. I did the maiden flight today and it worked out quite well. Very cold out today at -15 so it...
  2. B

    Zephyr II Maiden and Crash!

    My 3rd launch ends in disaster. A total loss albeit the equipment. Headed back to Rockyflyr for a re-build! Pilot error Launch to sticks got ugly. Perspectives from the plane and ground using GoPro Hero cameras
  3. B

    Maiden flight and crash Short Video.

    http://youtu.be/QSBvFbsGTJg Check out this video of my first 2 days with my new Zephyr II. The first 2 flights went fine--the third not so much. Crash footage from the air and plane both captured. Enjoy...
  4. B

    my Polaris Seaplane maiden flight

    Hi guys, I finally completed my Polaris yesterday and got to maiden it. As you can see... I really enjoyed the way it handles. Thanks for watching. Romeo
  5. BigDon


    Excuse my lack of knowledge on this plane, it's not mine but I wanted to share it. The little I know is that it's called a Hannibal, it was never built as a real plane and is just an interpretation of what a WWI warbird would have looked like. Not sure on the engine it's running but it's been...
  6. Klonas

    My 1st scratchbuild Maiden flight

    So I've built my first scratchbuild (sort of looks like Ultimate) and maidened it a few days ago. The plane doesn't handle wind at all... That day it was way to windy to fly that plane. My rates were set to too low, the wind was throwing me everywhere, could hardly control it... The landing was...