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FT Mighty Mini Corsair - Different motor

Hi Everyone,
I'm building https://www.flitetest.com/articles/ft-mighty-mini-corsair-build and so far it's been great. I printed the plans, used A3 foamboard (A1 seem to be hard to get in UK). Currently i'm waiting all parts to arrive so I can finish thebuild, however i'm from UK and buying the power pack for this setup wasn't convenient for me so I decided to gather the required electronics myself. Given it's my first ever RC plane i'm little concerned that I have bought a different power pack off amazon.

The motor is 1400kv which I assume compared to the recommended one 2200kv spins much slower per voltage. The propeller is also different I think, this one in the package I've bought is 8x6, and 2 fins.
Last but not least, the recommendation is to use 800 mAH 2s or 3s lipo battery, however with the above setup do you still think it's a good choice or shall I buy different size battery?
I'm planning to use this setup with Flysky FS-i6X.

Many thanks for any hints in advance!
A 2212 motor with a 30amp ESC is equivalent to a FT B Pack motor. Also, the servos are 9 grams as opposed to 5 grams. The Amazon power package is likely too large and too heavy for the Mighty Mini Corsair. You would be better finding 5 gram servos, a 2206 2300 kv quadcopter motor and a 20 amp ESC to swing a 6 inch prop.
Damn, does it mean it will not fly at all, or it will struggle to keep up flying? I thought I could get this to work out somehow. Perhaps buying a larger battery and different prop can still make this plane fly with this motor?


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You're going to be way too heavy and the servos/motor might not even fit in the space available.

2205 2300 KV with a 20 amp ESC and 6 x 4.5 prop and you are probably going to have to get the 5 g or 4.3 g servos. They are a little more $ than the 9s but I really don't think the 9s are going to fit.


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The good news is Amazon returns are easy. Or you can just keep the B pack for your next, inevitable build. I'd recommend the Beech Stager Wing or the Simple Scout.
Currently without motor my craft weights 187g thats without esc and motor and battery. Given above, I recon it would be safer to change the plane design and buy larger motor instead of continuing with current design ?

ESC weights ~30g, Motor is 60g, battery ~90g for 850mah

Thats a total of 367g

What are my options lads? :D