1. U

    Potential for getting deep

    Im a noobie. Started with a sport cub S about 2 months ago. Was genuinly inspired by the approach to the hobby by the FT guys. That crashing is ok. In fact its arguably an important part of the hobby. That said i decided my 2nd plane was going to be an FT spitfire. Some might say thats a...
  2. D

    YES!! It works. graupner esc telemetry direct to frysky Analog AIN?

    hi there flight test hive mind! i'm new to the hobby, just build a tiny trainer with my daughter, gona maiden it today, chuck glider at first. i did just try out the controlls and i works!!! now to the technicals. power pack A in the Uk is from Graupner, it comes with an Ultra control 20a...
  3. FoamyDM

    Your Pre-field or pre-flight Checklist

    What is your Pre-Field/car loading Checklist, or your pre-flight checklist? I imagine the pre-flight should look like like the list on the Maiden thread here. After my last failed maiden, I wish I had read it.
  4. S

    Naze32 Acro/windows 10 nightmare HELP!!!!!!!

    So here's the deal guys an believe me when I tell you that I've spent countless days trying to figure this out on my own. Problem: For whatever reason I get a Failed to open serial port whenever I try to load the firmware in cleanflight. I haven't been able to get ti to load or recognize the...
  5. Techno

    How to Help a DJI Pilot

    Hey All, I have a conundrum that I honestly need a second (or more) opinion on. I'm in high school right now, and I've befriended a guy in my woodshop class. He asked me what prior experience I had with building and working with tools. I told him I was an RC pilot and was building a second...
  6. G

    Which is the best FT intermediate design?

    Hi guys, I've been into the hobby for nearly a year now, primarily inspired by Flite Test! I had a history in aviation prior to getting into RC. My first plane was a TWM Handyman EP, which was given to me, and if you know the handyman, you will know how unsuitable a trainer it is. For those...
  7. S

    The FPV Journey - from that of a beginner

    Ok guys, I am going to start down, what is likely to be, a long, arduous journey. I wanted to start this post to share the journey with anyone else that may be embarking upon the FPV wagon. I am so thrilled to start this effort slow and steady. I intend to start out simple and slowly gain...