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  1. D

    YES!! It works. graupner esc telemetry direct to frysky Analog AIN?

    hi there flight test hive mind! i'm new to the hobby, just build a tiny trainer with my daughter, gona maiden it today, chuck glider at first. i did just try out the controlls and i works!!! now to the technicals. power pack A in the Uk is from Graupner, it comes with an Ultra control 20a...
  2. FoamyDM

    Your Pre-field or pre-flight Checklist

    What is your Pre-Field/car loading Checklist, or your pre-flight checklist? I imagine the pre-flight should look like like the list on the Maiden thread here. After my last failed maiden, I wish I had read it.
  3. S

    Naze32 Acro/windows 10 nightmare HELP!!!!!!!

    So here's the deal guys an believe me when I tell you that I've spent countless days trying to figure this out on my own. Problem: For whatever reason I get a Failed to open serial port whenever I try to load the firmware in cleanflight. I haven't been able to get ti to load or recognize the...
  4. Techno

    How to Help a DJI Pilot

    Hey All, I have a conundrum that I honestly need a second (or more) opinion on. I'm in high school right now, and I've befriended a guy in my woodshop class. He asked me what prior experience I had with building and working with tools. I told him I was an RC pilot and was building a second...
  5. G

    Which is the best FT intermediate design?

    Hi guys, I've been into the hobby for nearly a year now, primarily inspired by Flite Test! I had a history in aviation prior to getting into RC. My first plane was a TWM Handyman EP, which was given to me, and if you know the handyman, you will know how unsuitable a trainer it is. For those...
  6. S

    The FPV Journey - from that of a beginner

    Ok guys, I am going to start down, what is likely to be, a long, arduous journey. I wanted to start this post to share the journey with anyone else that may be embarking upon the FPV wagon. I am so thrilled to start this effort slow and steady. I intend to start out simple and slowly gain...