Robotech VF-1 Valkyrie 64mm EDF


Hi y'all, I'm back to making funky things fly. This time I'm making the VF-1 Valkyrie. My previous project the VF-4 has been put on a back burner along with a few other projects.

So far this is what I've got. I have designed in 1D thrust vectoring, in which finding the pivot points was not easy. I've learned from the VF-4 that bigger is not always better, so I'm trying to make this as small and light as possible but still fit the parts I have. I've also noticed that this bird is all engine a bit like the f-14 tomcat.
IMG_20210128_082133402.jpg IMG_20210128_082101029.jpg

Some other things I've been working on are not all planes, for example:
1. A US coast guard cutter WHEC-715 USCGC Hamilton. 5ft long. you can land a mini quad on it.
2. some cars, sorta.
IMG_20200913_143420235.jpg IMG_20210103_214926572.jpg
and 3. some other refurbished boats and a Ft scout.
IMG_20210110_133123692_HDR.jpg IMG_20201224_151755484.jpg


So, I've managed to finish the first half of the engines. I'm using the 64mm EDFs that were to small for the VF-4, and the thrust vectoring nozzles work almost flawlessly. They are a little tight when pointing down because they hit the top of the frame. however I doubt that will be much of a problem considering the way I fly. Next will be the forward parts of the engine, the under frame, and beginning the wings and fuselage. I've got a lot of work ahead, lol.
IMG_20210131_245941847.jpg IMG_20210131_010009884_HDR.jpg IMG_20210131_223543464.jpg IMG_20210207_222704337.jpg IMG_20210207_222716121.jpg