1. Hionimi

    Hand-launching quads?

    Hi, just a quick question, I wish to know if it's pretty do-able to hand-launch quads. I see people do it, but mostly with smaller quads. I have a 450mm sized one and sometimes there is just not a good place to take off and land, like too tall or wet grass for example. Seeing my quads has a pair...
  2. I

    Finally making progress

    After what seems like a frustratingly long time of waiting for parts, breaking stuff and other setbacks, it feels like I'm finally starting to make progress! I got some time again this weekend to fly and I'm already starting to feel more comfortable. Its essentially my third time on the...
  3. D

    CNC Motor Mounts for Quad, tricopter or other. Free shipping (lower 48 USA only)

    I designed and built these motor mounts. Shown in the photos, but not included, is the HobbyKing AX-2810Q motor. This has a standard bolt pattern for 19mm x 16mm. I can create any bolt pattern you want. They have 4 countersunk holes for the 3mm screws (included). They are designed to be...
  4. X

    V-Tail Boom Length & Material

    Hi, Latest video from the Crazy Swede has me motivated to create my first quad. I've ordered the various components, but have a couple of questions I'm hoping you all can help me with: What are the boom lengths, and how did David go about determining them? From the video, I'm guessing that...
  5. Leo82

    What happens when quad looses a motor, see the video.

    Here's a video of my DJI F450 Naza gps quad with TBS motor + ESC combo taking a dirt nap. One ESC had cold soldered connector on it from factory. Always check your multirotor escs and don't trust expensive stuff. That was lesson i learned. Makes me wonder why pay more for poor quality when you...
  6. S

    Human size quad

    I thought this was pretty interesting... Looks like some people from the Czech Republic have designed and flown a Electric motorcycle with 4 rotor props. Check it out. http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/flying-bike-solution-road-traffic-19390920
  7. sirtoby666

    A new foldable quadcopter made from scratch..

    A new foldable quadcopter made from scratch.. now with drawings I always had problems with the transportation of my quadcopter and this is how i soled it. This is my build step by step... I had som plans for a foldable quadcopter based of David Vindestål tricopter and this was the outcome...
  8. G

    Quadrotor Blimp

    Hi Guys I have a project to propose to you, I found this old document from NASA on the internet which have a detailed study about heavy lifting aircrafts, which are mainly based on different type of blimps, but with 4 motors. I wonder how easy would be to build the RC version of one of this...
  9. Wooley

    Collective Pitch Quad

    I see that Curtis Youngblood is bringing a collective pitch quad copter to the market. http://curtisyoungblood.com/V2/content/3d-quad While obvisously not usefull for FPV it should add a new wrinkle to flying a quad just for fun instead of for FPV and video shoots. Later Wooley
  10. 3zuli

    Planning a Q450build

    Planning a Q450 build Hi guys, I'm starting my first quad build. I want to use the Q450 frame from HK, KK2.0 as control board and ideally my Turnigy 2200mAh 3s 20C LiPo's as power source. I want the quad to be capable of carrying a gopro (or similar camera, possibly with a small 1-axis gimbal)...
  11. D

    Lego Quad Copter Designed by Joshua Scott (No not the one you're thinking of)

    Check this out: Drone Made of Legos Takes Flight Yes, the article does mention a Joshua Scott as one of the designers :eek: Love to see one of you advanced quad types do a Lego quad build log.