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Finally making progress

After what seems like a frustratingly long time of waiting for parts, breaking stuff and other setbacks, it feels like I'm finally starting to make progress!

I got some time again this weekend to fly and I'm already starting to feel more comfortable. Its essentially my third time on the sticks that amounts to any real flying time. I'm still chopping the throttle when I get in trouble, but not as bad as I did initially. I don't have the best depth perception when it gets to far away so I end up walking around the yard behind it. Aerobic flying!

This is my first build and its tolerated some amazing abuse. It also flies really well.

Still very much learning to fly! This is essentially my third day on the sticks.

Scratch build quadcopter.
Bamboo laser cut frame and poplar arms
50 cm m2m, but its got an asymmetrical shape
Turnigy 2826s / 1200
HK blue 20A esc that I flashed with simonk
4000mah 3s
808 camera

Josh Quad-025_1.jpg

Josh Quad-056_1.jpg

Josh Quad-073_1.jpg

Josh Quad-097_1.jpg

Josh Quad-101_1.jpg

Josh Quad-110_1.jpg
I wasn't aware I was color coordinating my shoes and props!
Josh Quad-125_1.jpg

After this stunt, I packed up and went home! It should have ended much worse!

I'm also aware of the fair amount of jello in the videos. I'm not really in a position to care right now :cool: I'm still "learning" (read: flopping upside down and smashing trees) and until I'm more comfortable, I'll live with the jello. I'm reluctant to put more $ in the air and subsequently put more $ in the dirt from 60' up. The props I'm flying are all chewed up and have some bend strains in them, so I'm sure they are way out of balance. But they still go round and round and up and down. I've got a stash of new props waiting, but until they break or I get better, I'll use them. For now, I'm content to stick the camera and roll!