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  1. D

    What's the BEST 35MHz Rx/Tx combination?

    Hi everyone, I am new to RC flight, and I want to get into FPV planes. But as a newbie to the field it is quite hard for me to get a complete picture of all the available technology. I live in the Netherlands where we have rather strict rules about frequency use; in essence we are allowed to...
  2. ParkeFlyer

    TH9x Radio on Sale... $69.95 thru 7/20/2012!! Also 9x DIY Upgrade Kits...

    Hey guys, we're having a flash sale! The TH9x Radio is on sale for $69.95 from now through 7/20/2012!! (Anyone who ordered a radio from our site in the past week will receive a rebate or credit on a future purchase. Thanks again!) -- Also, below is a recent promo we made announcing our 9x DIY...
  3. T

    does any one know where to buy a mechanical elevon mixer

    I need I have elevon's on my plane but my radio can't do mixing so is it possible to get a elevon mixer.
  4. killerwin

    How To Program Flaperons Using the HobbyKing T6a Radio

    The HK T6a is a fantastic radio at an unbeatable price. I highly recommend it for beginners to the hobby. It served me well for 2 years and I still have it and use it to fly with my friends. Here's the way I programmed flaperons on a HobbyZone Super Cub using my T6a: Read the instructions...