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Number of channels and telemetry


Junior Member

I am looking at buying a new Transmitter and am relatively new in the hobby but anyway, this is my question.

Why is having more channels good? What can you use them for that makes spending an extra couple of hundred dollars worthwhile. I mean once you have 6 channels: rudder, elevator, throttle, ailerons, flaps, and retracts. What can you possibly want on your RC Plane?

And also, how useful is telemetry and if a radio does not have telemetry, is that a deal breaker for a lot of people and why? What sort of things can telemetry tell you other than range, battery life, temperature, rotor rpm. I mean, I think knowing the battery life and range would be cool but at the same time is it worth the extra coin for a radio with that stuff in it?

So just let me know your opinions, thanks in advance.


Senior Member
Most of the time you do not need more channels, but they can be very useful. Two aileron channels is not uncommon, but retracts are, so that still counts to six channels. Flaps are not that common either. Anyway, if you want fancy stuff like bomb drops, lights or stuff like that you could certainly make use of the channels. If you are trimming in the PID parameters on your KK2 you can use an extra channel to do the tuning in-air. Seven or eight channels I'd say is quite enough unless you're building something very unique.

Telemetry otoh is both convenience and safety - to know when your battery runs out means longer and safer flights, and to be forewarned before you drop out of control range is a great safety feature.

It all depends on what you're planning to use your tx for: park flyers only? Go for six channels. Otherwise, if you can afford it, get a tx that you can grow and experiment with! That's my opinion at least, what you asked for =).


Junior Member
Ahh okay. That is very helpful. There is a lot to consider when buying a radio so at least now I have a better idea of what I will be needing. Thank you very much.