1. 0

    Flysky FSI6 - Mode 2 --> 1 conversion issue

    The Flysky FSI6 has been my main TX ever since I started the hobby, and never failed me. The only annoyance I had to work with is the fact that it is by default a mode 2 TX, which I had to change to mode 1 for RC planes. This conversion process was rather easy : switch the sticks on the inside...
  2. CustomRCMods

    The OFFICIAL CustomRCMods Fleet Record and RC Journey Thread

    Hey guys, Been meaning to make a thread like this for a while now, Ive been running out of space in my signature for my full fleet, so I thought I would make this thread and keep it up to date with my entire RC Fleet, and also post about my journey along the way. This is in no way an attempt...
  3. J

    Help! Anybody Know How To Keep PWM Settings?

    So I was trying to program my flight controller in betaflight today and when I was trying to change the Receiver (in configuration) to PWM, I would hit save and reboot but when it rebooted it changed back to PPM. Does anyone know how to solve this?
  4. J

    Best Radio Under 200

    Hello everyone, I am not new to the rc world, but I need a new radio, as my dx6 no longer works, I am thinking of a Taranis Qx7 but I heard the company has been very bad lately as in, as in they wont support older protocols, my main goal of this radio is to do projects like the ones flitetest...
  5. FTNoob18


  6. D

    Difficulty binding with my first drone I built, arming a problem too

    Greetings, I have watched the FT 210 build video a dozen times or so, and think I built my drone correctly. I used a FPV Radiance flight controller - Light up the sky’s and a FrSky D8R-II plus receiver with my FRSky Taranis plus X9D radio. I went through the BetaFlight procedures like in the...
  7. JimCR120

    Which Transmitter You Should Buy...

    Which transmitter should I buy? That is a question often asked and understandably so. This hobby has historically been cost prohibitive for many and the transmitters alone are a large part of the investment. Therefore, some forum members have assembled the most recommended transmitters...
  8. M

    Graupner MZ12 trouble with binding

    Hello all, Sorry if this has been asked before, kindly point me to the right thread. I've had a Graupner MZ12 for over a year now, really happy about the radio. I use it with three planes, moving the receiver back and forth. Today when I was going to fly I couldn't get the transmitter to bind...
  9. T

    GRAUPNER MZ-12 + TWO GR-16Ls For Sale

    Heya FT Forum - I'm selling a Graupner MZ-12 radio and 2 GR-16L receivers out of the Boston metro area - Let me know if you're interested.
  10. casedog21

    FliteFest East 2017 - Radio Issues

    I just got back from #FFE2017 and again it was a great experience. This year we had two new guys with us that hadnt been before and they had a great time as well. I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of people, including the five of us that had radio issues at some point during the event...
  11. Konrad

    Spektrum DX9 user replaceable parts (NONE)

    I was shocked to learn that Horizon Hobbies does not support the Spektrum line of transmitters with parts. This isn’t an FCC Part 15 issue as there are a lot of parts on the transmitter that do not effect the transmission of radio frequencies. Since the beginning of time we the end user...
  12. S

    Homemade Tray Radio *PICTURES*

    Good Evening All, I always wanted a tray radio because I fly with the "pinch" technique. I've been eyeing up the Taranis X9E for a while, but I can't really shell out the cash. I also considered buying a tray for my Spektrum DX6i but those seemed cheap and flimsy. So I went into my garage...
  13. C

    Tx/Rx Selection

    Hi! I'm new to the hobby and on a university team to build an aircraft. I'm looking at radio systems and really like the DX6e transmitter for my needs. For a receiver, I want a customizable fail-safe so that I can specify the rudder, aileron, and elevator positions if radio signal is lost...
  14. R

    Radios and Receivers for Robotics Program

    I am a teacher at a junior high and high school in rural Oregon (Oakridge Junior Senior High School) and have recently started 2 Robotics classes last year. My student base is considered very high poverty and I wanted to start a program for my students that they would never get the opportunity...
  15. L

    FS-i6A Receiver Gets Warm?

    Hi everyone! I am new to this forum I am relatively new to the RC hobby too. A few minutes ago, I posted the same question on a wrong forum. Anyways... I have a Flysky FS-i6 radio set with a FS-i6A receiver. After a few minutes of use, the receiver gets warm. Not hot, but warm. I am worried...
  16. L

    FS-i6A Receiver Gets Warm?

    Hi everyone! I am new to this forum :) I am relatively new to the RC hobby too. I have a Flysky FS-i6 radio set with a FS-i6A receiver. After a few minutes of use, the receiver gets warm. Not hot, but warm. I am worried, is this normal? Has anyone experienced this with this receiver or any...
  17. T

    Graupner MZ-18

    I am having an issue setting up my Graupner MZ-18 for a Versacopter. Does anyone have this radio and have set it up correctly? I am new to this radio and so far the learning curve is getting to me..:black_eyed: HELP
  18. A

    One of my ailerons is flapping by itself randomly, video included, help required

    My left aileron is twitching up and down without any input. It seems to be random. I have a video included to show you how it looks like. Here are the things I've done to solve the problem 1. Reset the radio's settings to a new profile. Still twitching. (I am using my old DSM2 dx6i) 2. Tried...
  19. X

    Don't know what kind of radio to get?

    Im very new to the RC hobby but have been buildings models for some time (throw and glide ones). I want to start with the Mini FT22 but am not sure what other parts I will need. I know I need a transmitter and capable receiver- I just don't need something OTT, a plain (pun not intended) and...
  20. Liam B

    Tactic TTX850

    Hey everyone, Does anybody happen to own a Tactic TTX850? If so, how do you like it? If you don't, what do you think about it? Thanks, TheStig4449