1. A

    Need help selecting multi-rotor controller and programming software

    Hi, My son has a school project for which he needs to build a multi-rotor aircraft. They are not allowed to use quad-copter kits like gremlin. At this time he and his partner have come up with a design to use three rotors on their RC aircraft. Can someone recommend receivers, transmitters...
  2. A

    Any DSM2/DSMX rx for multirotors?

    Wanna build a racing drone recently, having an Orangerx T-6, dont wanna buy a new one. Any good rx recommendation that is suitable for T-6?
  3. J

    How do I put two aileron servos into a fs-iA6 receiver?

    On the FS-iA6 receiver, there is only one slot available for ailerons. I have two servos. One for each aileron. So, Im confused with how this is supposed to work. This is my first scratch build. Thanks
  4. P

    Receivers compatible with Turnigy 9x v2

    An old newbie here. There seems to be a scarcity of the 8ch Rx units to go with the 9x transmitter. I only need 4channels - anyone know of compatible receivers?? Thanks in advance!
  5. A

    AR600 reciever casing removal?

    Hey guys. I have an AR600 and I am trying to use it with my dream flight libelle DLG. Its hard to fit the AR600 in the pod of the libelle and I was wondering If the plastic case covering the AR600 could be removed to conserve weight and space. If I removed the casing on the AR600, would I...
  6. bgfireguy92

    Receiver Antenna's

    OK So heres my question. Im looking for longer radio "whips" on receivers since most of them all are really short. I have a few lemon receivers and looking at them it looks like it "SHOULD" be easy to de solder them and put longer ones on. So heres the questions: #1 Is this possible without...
  7. G

    Spektrum vs. Futaba which is better?

    Hi everyone, in the Flite Test Mid-Air Package Exchange - Viewer Response episode, both David Windestål and Josh Bixler said that Futaba has the most solid 2.4GHz signal compared to Spektrum and all of the other brands, and I was wondering if that is still true?
  8. D

    Fixing a broken RC antenna (Coaxial)

    Recently, the antenna on my new Turnigy 9X8CV2 receiver broke after its very first flight! The flight went well, I didn't crash, and yet, my antenna was ruined. After failing to get a hold of anyone from customer service, I decided to go ahead and try and fix it myself. I had never repaired an...
  9. C

    Swappable receiver recommendations?

    Hello All, I started into RC Flying a few short months ago with a Parkzone UM t-28 and now I am flying the Apprentice 1E. My two boys Jack and Paul ages 7 and 9 are really interested in getting involved. I was thinking the Swappables are a great way for us to start. I am a bit confused about...